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Full Version: Marilyn Monroe In The Movies
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I just ordered this book. I will let you know what I think coolio.gif .
OOOH!! Another Marilyn book to look forward to! jumpymm.gif

What a nice thing to find out on Valentine's day!!

Thanks for letting us know.

Looks interesting, thanks Suus - I see it includes a DVD. Is it one of those books that are only distributed through Barnes & Noble? I notice Amazon only has a few marketplace copies for twice the price. Jenna Glatzer's MM Treasures book was sold in a similar way...
Ohhh! I look forward to this one! smile1.gif
I just bought it! I'm looking forward to reading it. I haven't watched the DVD yet, but I checked and the DVD is 45 min long, so for $15 it seems like it was a great buy!
I've just received my own copy of this book
It's a great one with hundreds of film stills but for me with no rare ones
The dvd is about some scenes from her movies
I just flipped through the book and watched the DVD. It's a lovely tribute to Marilyn's work, but it's all stuff we've seen before. It looks like this book is great for a newer Marilyn fan, but for fans who are already quite knowledgeable about Marilyn it's nothing special.
Has anyone else bought this book yet - if so, what are your thoughts?
Reviewed at Immortal Marilyn:

This is another book dealing with Marilyn's movies, which seem to be generating a whole new audience with Some Like It
Hot and Gentlemen Prefer Blonde's both being shown in selected UK cinema's over the last few months. It would seem
Marilyn is as popular as any actress on our screens today. With most of Marilyn's films being freely available on DVD and
other media this would seem like the perfect companion, reference source for fans requiring further facts. Each film is
freshly reviewed by Timothy Knight and what strikes you most are the photos used to illustrated the book, they're not
the usual stills or costume test shots we're used to - they're images taken directly from the DVD source, which at times
really work well and at others lacks a little in quality and clarity. On saying that it's a refreshing approach and easily
identifies the film.

Throughout each film section there's quotes from Marilyn and some of her associates and film reviews from magazines.
Each section has a small biography and picture of her leading men but for some reason none of her female co-stars are
given this treatment, which is a shame.

The book is well written and informative and is more focused on her films than her private life and how her legend has
grown since. As a bonus there's a DVD included of a film of the same name by Les Krantz, which explores Marilyn's life in
the media eye with newsreel footage and clips from the film trailers, which has running commentary, again it's very light
and respectful of Marilyn's memory.
I bought this book in Milan two weeks ago, along with the new John Vachonīs photos.
If I know that this book is lacking in new information and pictures, do not buy it.
It is a beautiful book and well structured, but bland. Nothing new. You might call attention to the DVD, but you can live without it. Promotional images of all the movies and life, you've already seen. Nothing new.
The book contains numerous B&W and color photographs, but are frames!
Not recommended at all. If you want to know the filmography of Marilyn, there are other books much better than this.

but if you want to buy it: AMAZON
Merged with older thread. Jeannette, I agree - I finally bought this book a few months ago, and while I'd say it is OK, there is nothing new in it at all. All the photos are screen-caps from trailers...
sorry, Iīm looking for it, but it is seen that not enough wink3.gif
QUOTE(suusmarie @ Feb 13 2010, 07:18 PM) *
I just ordered this book. I will let you know what I think coolio.gif .

Look forwards to your review Suus. biggrin.gif
Scottish Sugar
I've just ordered my copy from Amazon. I love any kind of book focusing on Marilyn's movie career.
I just bought this book and it is exactly what the description says: a little book (mine was without DVD). Unfortunately the photos are small too. And I mean small. I didn't like it at all.
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