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For some time now I haven't been able to view my own profile or anyone else's on the site! I click & the dread 'this page could not be displayed' appears. I've tried everything and still no luck! Any advice? no.gif
Yes it does it to me too! It says It cannot show the page, but when I click the back button at the top left hand corner it allows me to see the page!
I don't know why it is doing that though
I don't seem to have a problem. huh.gif
So weird! Could it be anything the mods can fix?
I'm having the same problem Alex. Hopefully someone can fix it.
Let's cross our fingers, Amy! helpsmilie.gif
I'm not having any problems but will look into it for you.
I don't have any problems either. Could it be something with your browser?
Hmm, I honestly have no idea. I just use Internet Explorer.

Edit: Grrr I just tried doing it by refreshing the page, and it worked but it wouldnt allow me to click anything on the page! I still can't comment back, so it's useless. This is beyond strange.
It might be worth trying another browser, I use Firefox and it gives me far less trouble than IE did.
To everyone who encounters an issue. If you want me to try to help you, you need to be precise and specify your issues.

Tell me when it started to happen,
When it happens exactly (screen captures are also welcome),
Which OS you use (windows XP, vista, or Mac OSX, or Linux,...),
Which browser and its version (Firefox 3, Safari 4, IE 8,...),
Give me as many details as you can regarding your problem.

Without this information I won't be able to help out.
QUOTE(Tara @ May 25 2009, 09:41 AM) *
It might be worth trying another browser, I use Firefox and it gives me far less trouble than IE did.

This worked for me, Tara, thank you! clapping.gif
Is there something wrong with my program or has the system on this site changed somehow, I can't get to my control panel on the site where I'm supposed to have my personal photo, the list of recent visitors and such, my machine only says that it can't show the site, there is something wrong with the spelling or such?
Alex, I'm glad to be of help! biggrin.gif

Ultraviolet, I merged your Control Panel thread here because I think you're referring to your profile page rather than your CP - some other users have had similar issues, it might be worth trying a different browser (IE has caused problems in the past) or reading through the other suggestions on this thread.
Thank's Tara! Maybe I'll try to switch to Firefox, allthough my control panel is not that important to me, but thanks for all the advice anyway.
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