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Full Version: A Ticket To Tomahawk
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Scottish Sugar
I've noticed there wasn't a topic for this fabulous little film, so I thought I'd make one!

For me, this truley is a hidden gem in the back catalogue of Marilyn movies *in my humble opinion* What struck me most, is how much screen time Marilyn actually gets, although there is next to no dialogue. She looks just gorgeous as one of the chorus girls. She, along with 3 other chorus girls preform a song with Dan Dailey called "O what a forward young man", here it is :

Marilyn in A Ticket To Tomahawk

Another thing that struck me, is how adorable Anne Baxter is in this movie, her character is just a darling! It's such a stark contrast to the back stabbing bitch in All About Eve, I love this movie just for her preformance alone.


I love this movie, it's really fun. And one of the few early MM movies in colour.
I have this on DVD, copied from an older VHS tape. It's lovely to see Marilyn in such a rare movie! I love that it's in color, because the costumes are amazing!
I have never watched this film, but it does sound interesting Lorraine.

Does Marilyn appear a lot in it?

Scottish Sugar
I've seen them play it on Film4 qute a lot this past year, you'll need to keep an eye out for it smile1.gifI would say, considering she doesn't have a speaking role in the film (apart from a musical dance number with Dan Dailey, which she has one line, but I'm sure that's not even her singing voice) she appears quite frequently. You'll be pleasantly surprised. Marilyn's character is part of a chorus of 4 girls who are travelling along with Dan Dailey and Anne Baxter for nearly the whole movie, so you do get to see quite a lot of her.The musical number she sings "Oh What A Forward Young Man You Are" is one of the films highlights.. the video of it is in this topics 1st post smile1.gif xx
Marilyn is adorable in this film! Such cute costumes and she does appear a fair bit for a bit-part player. thumbup1.gif
Maneki Neko
I think this movie is quite entertaining, but I did find the plot a litte confusing at times.
"A Ticket To Tomahawk" full movie smile1.gif

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