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Full Version: Needle Marks Absent
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I think that if any sort of needle were involved in Marilyn's death; and the coroner couldn't find any; well, 2 places that will hide needle marks 100% are under the big toe, and under the tounge. huh.gif . That sounds really creepy, and I know Dr. Nougchi said that a thorough examaniation of the body was made for needle marks, and none were found...... BUT something was really fishy there.

Shana C.
The reason you cannot see needle marks is because the proof has been excluded from the autopsy report purposely. They hid the needle marks by turning over Marilyns body, and when the police found her she was lieing on her stomach. This would be perfect to hide any needle marks, because when rigor mortis sets in the blood flows obviously to that part of the body, and hides the marks with the discoloration to the skin!! James Hall is telling the truth and so is sylvia brown even though she is a fraud, she is correct on one note. Marilyn was given an injection in the heart!! It was kept from the autopsy because they wanted to make her death look like a suicide! So they never mention it in the report! John Minor cannot be trusted because he is friends friends with Greenson, and Greenson is the one who did it. So of course he'd cover for his friend and say there was no needle marks!! Thomas Noguchi Came forward in his book and even stated that it was possible that he could have missed the needle marks!! The cover up I believe does exist and it will never be proven because they refuse to open the case. It will never happen.... :(
I think it will, - I don't think Marilyn's murder was so big thing that it,s necessary to hide it forever - itīs well recorded in archives, one day they will be opened - But it was not Greensonīs intention to kill her, he may been used "as a right man in the right place", a scapegoat.
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