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Full Version: Problem With Signature...
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Whenever I delete what I have in my signature, instead of being blank like it's supposed to be there is a dotted line that I can't get rid of! Can anybody help me figure out what to do so this doesn't happen? Thanks for any advice marilynbybrandon_190.gif .

I don't think that should happen. I just removed my signature and the dotted line doesn't show... How odd!
Gosh I wonder what's wrong with it then. sadballerina.gif
Hey Alex

As long as you have a picture in your siggy the dotted line will show.
If you allow me to edit your siggie and remove everything I can check if the dotted lines appear for you, and also try to figure out why !

let me know if you want me to do anything, kay ?
Yes, even when I delete a picture there is a line! It's maddening.

But that would be so great, Mels! Please go ahead and try it and thank you hug.gif!
There you go Alex, problem solved.
There were still two BB codes in your sig ( [ right ] and [/ right ]) so, even though there was nothing inside them to display on the boards, the system saw code and treated it like there was something to display.
And when there's content in a sig the system automatically adds the dashes, so... there you have it smile1.gif

I deleted the code and now it's all right !
Thank you, thank you! cheekkiss.gif
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