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Full Version: Who Killed Marilyn Monroe
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Next Wednesday, 23/07/08 on UK Channel 5 TV, at 10.00pm

'Who killed Marilyn Monroe?'
'An investigation into the star's state of mind in the weeks immediately prior to her death'

The way this is described suggests the programme will follow the 'suicide' route.
If it's the same one I'm thinking of, Suzie Kennedy featured in some 'reconstruction' footage. Not sure though. Thanks for the tip Alan, I'll be watching it.
Im gutted i missed this! I was on holiday! Does anyone know if you can watch it online? ive already looked on the channel 5 website and its not listed in their catch up section
I was also on holiday but managed to tape it on my virgin box. Basically I laughed in some places, first of all the person they had imitating Marilyn looked nothing like her!! It annoyes me when they show Marilyn's dead body looking like Lorilie Lee from GPB, I mean do people really believe she went to bed with a full face of perfect make up and her hair perfect (and not to mention in her eairly 1050's style).

The documentary came to the conclusion that she had accidentally killed herself. It was pretty poor, nothing new here folks.
QUOTE(marilynfanonline @ Jul 28 2008, 03:16 AM) *
(and not to mention in her eairly 1050's style).

This annoyed me way too much. rolleyes1.gif

Yeah, I don't think it is worth watching really.
On the whole I was disappointed.
Suzie Kennedy was lovely in the 'live' reconstruction, but somehow lacked the 'spark'.
Whoever played Mrs Murray looked suitably chilling.
I got the impression that the writers were trying to placate all the most popular theories, and then took the easy option.
looks like i didnt miss much then!
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