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Have you ever been walking with a small child and holding hands with the child and pulled up on the childs hand in order to avoid having the child fall down? If you can picture what I'm trying to describe, then you know what I mean. In what movie does that happen to Marilyn and where?
O.K. here's the answer. In GPB after Lorilei sings to Gus on the sofa in the girl's cabin, the porter comes around and tells everyone "Last call" for everyone who has to get off the ship. The whole crowd, including Dorothy, the Olympic team, and the extra girls, along with Gus and Lorilei all start running to the deck so Gus can get off the ship. As they are running, if you watch closely, just as Lorilei and Gus approach the stairs, Gus raises up Lorilei's left arm so that, in case she trips and falls down the steps, he can save her from skinning her knees, like a little child. It happens fast so watch it in slo-mo. Everytime time I see, I think how nice it was for Tommy Noonan to automatically think of that.
That's precious Tony, thanks for that! I'll definitely have to take a second look. : )
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