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Full Version: Marilyn's Man
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Has anyone seen this? What's it like? I'm debating buying it!
Here's a topic on it:
Marilyn Fanatic
I rented it from Netflix and it's worth watching. I don't think I would want to pay full price for it though. He was an
interesting man and had many wonderful memories of her. I was touched when he said she should have stayed
married to him and she would be alive and a grandma. As far as him thinking she was murdered, he did not. He
was convinced it was an accidental overdose because as a police officer, he had seen so many of them. He
thought it would eventually happen to her, nevertheless, he was extremely upset at her passing in that way.
He knew the investigating officers personally, too. He comes across as a man who really treasured his memories
of her and cared a great deal about her. Remember, she is the one who wanted the divorce.
Thanks for that, I couldnt find a topic on it! Thanks!
I think this is the documentary where he claims to have guided Marilyn throughout her career.To have been her Svengali when apparently they had little contact with each other-if any- after their divorce. I read this at IMDB's page for Marilyn's Man. And didn't he also claim that Marilyn was still in love with him till the day she died? Truth is that he remarried very shortly after divorcing Marilyn and then got divorced again. His third wife Rita was supposedly the true love of his life.At least that's the impression I got when I read the poems dedicated to her on his old website. She died about two years before he did and then he got involved in this production. It may have some value as far as knowing a bit more about Marilyn before she became a star is concerned but I think down deep Dougherty was trying get on the bandwagon of cashing in.
As far as not believing there was foul play on the night she died, how would he know? He wasn't the officer at the scene and the one who was believes there was foul play. They both had the same training to evaluate these situations. Why dismiss a colleague's opinion just like that? Plus, let's remember that he didn't go to Marilyn's funeral.He wasn't on Dimaggio's blacklist and his superiors would have allowed him to go.And he didn't even though they were still "in love". Strange to say the least.

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