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Full Version: Marilyn: Contre Enquête Sur Une Mort Suspecte Documentary
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I just don't know. Yesterday I watched on TV this documentary made by French and it caused controversial feelings. Wondre if anyone has seen it. They showed Jeanne Carmen, Anthony Summers, Donald Wolf. This documentary is dedicated to Marilyn's death, to its investigation etc. They observed various possibilities of her death and tried to find out who's to be blamed for Marilyn's death. They spoke about Bobby and his relations to Marilyn, that Marilyn was involved in certain political affairs (she knew supposedly about the top secret project of atomic bombing in China) and she threatend Kannedies she would call the conference and reveal everything (she was very mad because both Kennedies used her as a piece of meat as someone said in that documentary). And then this Jeanne Carmen speaking about her friendship with Marilyn and details about the last days of Marilyn. Barris (the photographer) spoke about some orgie that took place in Sinatra's home during those days before her death and that Sinatra showed him some photos withere Marilyn all dizzy was on all fours and Sam Giancana was at her back (tried to lift her or have sex, I don't know). And then Sinatra asked Barris what he should do with those photos. Barris told he would burn them and Sinatra burnt those photos. Someone, perhaps Summers spoke about Greenson too. Told that Greenson said it was his and Engelberg's fault that Marilyn died and being asked if Bobby had had any relation to Marilyn's death, answered: "Ask Bobby". Then there was this policeman or whoever who saw Peter Lawford and Bobby driving very fast that night when Marilyn died. The policeman asked where they were going and so fast. Lawford told they were going to Palm hotel to drive Bobby there. Policeman than told, "But you've already passed the hotel". And Bobby's supposed answer to Lawford was "You fool". Anyway, I feel so mixed up now. And those participants in the documentary admitted that Marilyn's death is surrounded with many many lies. But why everyone had to lie? And even after decades of Marilyn's death no one spoke nor revealed at least some detail of that night. Maybe everyone feels guilty and responsible for Marilyn's death? Both Greenson and Murray, Pat Newcomb, Lawford, Kennedies... It drives me mad that we don't have the truth and those who are truly responsible for Marilyn's death had escaped the punishment. They all, all used marilyn as a piece of meat. Even after her death.
The photo rumour has been around for a long time but the photographer was Billy Woodfield, not George Barris. Woodfield also photographed Marilyn's swim scene in SGTG.
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