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Marilyn's 1952 screwball comedy with Cary Grant and Ginger Rodgers is one of her few pre GPB films that gets a mention in various documentaries and was featured in the original Diamond Collection.

I used to really enjoy this film but I have not watched it in quite some time. Monroe's character was typical of her eairly roles at Fox, a dumb but yet sexy blonde secretary with no real impact on the plot of the film. Marilyn looks a little heavier in this film than she would in Niagara and some state that this was the first film in which she had dyed her hair platinum blonde.
I enjoyed this film, it's nothing too special but it is quite funny. The scene where Cary Grant plays cowboys and Indians always makes me laugh. Marilyn's role is a stereotypical dumb blonde secretary, and she is the butt of everyone else's pranks. I actually felt sorry for her by the end. I can't imagine she relished the part but she plays it really well, particularly in her scenes with Cary.

Before I saw Monkey Business I had only seen stills of Marilyn on the set with Joe, and I thought her pleated dress was most unflattering. I think that's what makes her look heavier (although maybe appendicitis affected her weight.) But when I saw her move around, she looked as lovely as ever.
Yes, it is a typical screwball blonde role, but I have to say, Marilyn again gave it that little extra twinkle and made it a memorable role. Cary in great as the bumbling professor, too. It's the Ginger Rogers role that I don't get. I would have preferred to see a less well known actress as this wife. It's not a very good role for Rogers, even though I guess she was moving away from dancing and getting a little older. I don't know, she just doesn't strike me as right for the role. Anyway, I like to watch the movie. It's funny and light and you don't have to think about it.
I too quite enjoyed this light comedy. I thought both leads did an adequete job and Marilyn didn't put a foot wrong either. My favourite scene was the one by the swimming pool where Barnaby excitedly exclaims that everyone is looking at him, only to be obliviously upstaged by Marilyn!

I am not in love with this movie but I do think it is cute, and her and Cary make a really nice on-screen pair. I actually love her pleated dress (although I read that this was her least favorite dress Travilla ever designed for her,) and I prefer her a little plump but that is just me. There are a lot of funny lines in it--I haven't watched it in a while but enjoy her horror when Cary's character tells her to "pick a finger." haha!
Elsie Marina
This is one of my favourites of the films where Marilyn only has a small role, I think of all the early "Marilyn secretary" films this one is quite funny even when she is not on screen. biggrin.gif
I agree Nicola. Cary Grant is great as Barnaby - though you'd expect nothing less from him. He's a legend.
Elsie Marina
I actually really like Ginger Rogers in this too, I am trying to get into more old movies (other than Marilyn ones) and she is one of the actresses I want to see more of biggrin.gif
QUOTE(Elsie Marina @ Jun 18 2008, 08:33 AM) *
I actually really like Ginger Rogers in this too, I am trying to get into more old movies (other than Marilyn ones) and she is one of the actresses I want to see more of biggrin.gif

Nicola, if you want to see a good one, see if you can rent Desire Under the Elms. It stars Sophia Loren in an early-ish role (1958) and Anthony Perkins of Psycho fame. I was very surprised at how the story ends. It was very well acted and directed. Almost like a Hitchcock movie. Very suspenseful. And, Sophia is just unbelievably beautiful.
QUOTE(Elsie Marina @ Jun 18 2008, 02:33 PM) *
I actually really like Ginger Rogers in this too, I am trying to get into more old movies (other than Marilyn ones) and she is one of the actresses I want to see more of biggrin.gif

I would also reccommend Huston's "Night of the Iguana" with Richard Burton, Ava Gardner and Deborah Kerr. Very deep and full of raw emotions. And "Gilda" of course, you have to see Gilda if you haven't before:)
Elsie Marina
I will put Gilda and Desire Under the Elms on my "to watch" list, thanks guys! biggrin.gif
Here is moviediva's take on the film:
Vicoria Hoffman 1975
I love the beginning where Cay Grants character is so pre-occupied he locks his wife out of the house!

Marilyns character is so sweet where she asks if she could please try and type something again. (except the letter is important!)
Just watched this film and I have to say I loved it, Marilyn was cute in her role and I love Cary and Ginger too.
I like this film, I think she is cute in it, and Charles Coburn and Cary Grant are funny as well smile1.gif
I think this is a very good screwball comedy. I was very little when I first watched this (it was one of my first MM movies) and I've loved it ever since. I think everything in it just works, even if the story is not that believable at times - it goes over the top just the right amount. My only problem with this movie is that I kept thinking of Cary Grant as this nerdy type - until I saw To Catch a Thief wink3.gif
I can't believe I haven't seen this yet. I'm a big Cary Grant fan. I know it's good, but is it worth buying?
For someone like yourself who is a fan of both Marilyn and Cary, I'd say it's most definitely worth buying Alex!
Thanks, Bobby! I will smile1.gif
I love this film! It's one of my favourites. And the fact that it came out so close to Niagara really shows her versatility as an actress.
I think I like MB more every time I see it, it's my favourite of her films pre-stardom (except All About Eve). I think Marilyn's so cute in this movie, especially when Ginger Rogers comes in holding the baby and Miss Laurel's scared of her and jumps out of her chair! It seems Marilyn's character has more of a point in this movie than her other dumb secretary roles, to me at least.
In my opinion, the movie is rather interesting, but on my first view it seemed boring, but the second time I laught a lot and couldn't believe, that I hadn't liked it before.
from Dressing Marilyn, by Andrew Hansford
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