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Who is your favourite character played by Marilyn in her leading roles?
This was such a toss-up for me, but I went with The Girl--although I was torn between Rose and Nell, too! I think all her characters are great but as far as a favorite--one I can watch over and over and find little nuances and facial expressions that I love--it would have to be The Girl, because she's the ultimate movie character for me!
For me it's either Roslyn or Elsie. they are like the two sides of the same person. I can't really decide.
Cherie throb.gif and then... maybe Roslyn.
Lorilei, no doubt. But you could have guessed that. marilynbybrandon_190.gif
Difficult to choose between Cherie and Elsie, but I chose Elsie : )
My opinion changes all the time, but today I chose Elsie. I also love The Girl, Sugar and Roslyn...
I voted for Rose Loomis, simply becuase she is bitchy, slutty and a pure femme fatale!! Totally opposite to the soft spoken and childish Marilyn smile1.gif

This nasty character is a different look at Monroe but ask me tomorrow and I would have probably picked another one smile1.gif

I love them all biggrin.gif
haha Paul, that is the same reason that I (almost) chose Rose--she is such a DEVIL!
It was a tough choice between The Girl, Sugar and Pola. But I eventually chose Sugar. thumbup1.gif
this is hard! i don't know if i should choose the girl, sugar, or lorelei!
I voted for Roslyn, but now I am second guessing.
For me it's between Roslyn and Elsie/Sugar.
Roslyn I guess ultimately prevails.
Elsie Marina has always been my favorite!
Roslyn. She's so sweet, yet sad. I think she represents Marilyn in that time period of her life.
For me it's Pola Debevoise, I just love the combination of nearsightedness and glamourous outlooks and dresses. I can understand her not wearing eye-glasses as I'm personally also nearsighted and sometimes hated to have to wear glasses, have had habit of bumping into things or dropping items without my eyeglasses on kicking.gif

I read by the way that Marilyn was in fact also nearsighted, I wonder she couldn't have had much minus, otherwise it would have been very difficult for her to live without glasses.

And my next favorite character that wasn't in the list above, is Angela from The Asphalt Jungle.
I voted Roslyn, I just think that was such a powerful character. She really shined.
marilynbybrandon_190.gif  LORELEI LEE
And then maybe the girl from"Itch"
The Girl she was cute and funny.
Kay Weston, no doubt.
She is brave, sensitive, human, honest, humble, and never behaving like a child.
Sugar... hence the username. balloon.gif
Even though she isn't on the list, Peggy (from Clash By Night) is a good choice too! So unlike the typical 'Marilyn role'. biggrin.gif
Today my favorite character is the Girl!
Wonder who it will be tomorrow...
Probably Elsie because I plan to watch TPATSG tonite!
QUOTE(meztisa @ Jun 7 2008, 07:48 AM) *
Even though she isn't on the list, Peggy (from Clash By Night) is a good choice too! So unlike the typical 'Marilyn role'. biggrin.gif

I agree! The first time I saw her in that movie I was blown away--I love her in jeans, being sassy and awesome!!
Elsie Marina
<--Three gueses who I voted for? laugh.gif
Lorelei smile1.gif
Well I voted for Roslyn but it varies between Roslyn and Elsie depending on how I am feeling on the day.
My favorite character is still Angela from The Asphalt Jungle, I only wish the role had been bigger.
Roslyn - complex, dramatic, fragile, yet strong.

Lorelei is a close second. Such a raunchy character.

"Am I interrupting or is he leaving, one hopes?"
Really difficult to decide between Cherie, Rose and Sugar , but I voted for Cherie this time.
I can't believe The Girl only has three votes! shock.gif (None of which are mine, lol)
I voted for Nell. It was such a unique roll for Marilyn and one of my favourites.

But then again, tomorrow I might think differently (and then I might have another opinion the next day . . . .). But today, Nell Forbes is definitely my favourite!

it was a hard decision but in the end i chose sugar, it was hard to choose between lorelei and sugar for me.
Demos Kratos
The Girl

All I have to say is...

"Hi" biggrin.gif
QUOTE(Demos Kratos @ Nov 13 2008, 03:29 PM) *
The Girl

All I have to say is...

"Hi" biggrin.gif

My favorite quote from the movie! hahahahaha I actually had the opportunity to do that not too long ago--sitting in the lobby of my building, a handsome international student entered and as he was going by I popped my head up from the big chair I was sitting in and said "Hi!" and he said hi. hahahah it wasn't nearly as magical as in the movie but as soon as he left I turned to my friend was like, I JUST PULLED SUCH A SEVEN YEAR ITCH MOVE! hahahahhaa biggrin.gif
Voted for Nell. It's such an enigmatic and fragile character. Although my vote will never be definitive, it's one of my big favorites. balloon.gif
Ellen is my favourite at the moment, I think she ought to be on the list. smile1.gif
Scottish Sugar
Can I just say... I am in love with your avatar Angela!!

QUOTE(Kowalczyk @ Jan 14 2009, 05:06 PM) *
Ellen is my favourite at the moment, I think she ought to be on the list. smile1.gif

I thought you'd agree, Alex. laugh.gif

QUOTE(Ginger Sugar @ Jan 15 2009, 12:24 AM) *
Can I just say... I am in love with your avatar Angela!!


Thank you, Anais made it!
QUOTE(Kowalczyk @ Jan 15 2009, 04:50 PM) *
I thought you'd agree, Alex. laugh.gif

Maneki Neko
I voted for Roslyn. She is so sweet and caring.
Roslyn cuz she was such a beautiful and complex person....a lot like Marilyn.
I vote for Peggy Martin...why wasn't her character from her first starring film "LOTC" not included? :(Second vote: The GirlKevin biggrin.gifI vote for Peggy Martin...why wasn't her character from her first starring film "LOTC" Included? :(Second vote: The GirlKevin biggrin.gif
My favorit is Peggy in Clash...
I enjoyed Marilyn playing Rose Loomis. It's interesting seeing her play a scheming bitch; totally the opposite to Marilyn's nature. Her comedy roles all did have her touch on them, as Marilyn was a naturally witty person. Roslyn is too depressing although I do like the film but I feel uncomfortable knowing the character was based on Marilyn's dark side. So for me, Rose.
For me it's Roslyn definitely the most beloved character and my No 1 Marilyn's movie. the second one is a The Girl from "Seven Year Itch" movie number 2 for me and then Rose " Niagara" movie No 3.
although i must mention Clash by night as one of my favorites and well Something's gotta Give she just looked fantastic .
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