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Full Version: A Different Angle To The Mob Theory.
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Though I don't believe that the Mob killed Marilyn I've always been intrigued by the reasons put out by writers who do believe.
To make the Kennedys look bad. How?? For that to have happened there would have had to have been some follow up work done and it wasn't.Pictures and proof that Marilyn was indeed mingling with the two brothers. How then did they make the Kennedys look bad?
Unless, of course, it was Marilyn herself who refused to help the Mob make the Kennedys "look bad". Maybe, they wanted her to go ahead with that press conference that many believe she was going to give where she would reveal to the world what they had done to her. Maybe, they wanted her to lure him into a situation where they could be secretly photographed/recorded.And maybe she refused to comply. The Mob doesn't take it well when people don't play along with them. Anyway, this seems to be the only logical argument to support the Mob's possible involvement. And it's interesting to note that Sam Giancana's brother Chuck claims that Sam was responsible for Marilyn's death.Though,that was probably to spice up his book a bit.
Maybe it's me who isn't grasping the official Mob theory. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
I think the kennedys had told marilyn sensitive informaion which made her a 'security risk'. im not sure but i think that the mob was trying to get out of her what she knew. As a result the kennedys got her killed. Or another angle could be that the mob killed marilyn thinking that the finger would be pointed at the kennedys so that they would get the blame.
Personally i dont think it was the mob, i think it was the kennedys too many things dont add up, eveidence went missing eyewitnesses changing their minds.. only the kennedys would have the power to do this
QUOTE(pinup @ Apr 14 2008, 06:56 PM) *
I think the kennedys had told marilyn sensitive informaion which made her a 'security risk'.

that's always what i thought too. i never really thought too deep into what role the mob played in marilyn's death.
I've also read from many sources that Kennedys (supposedly) had told Marilyn secrets, telling of which would be a security risk.

But if, so how would the ones that tried to protect Kennedys or tried to stop that info from spreading further on, how could they know that K-Brothers wouldn't keep on telling those things to some more girlfriends or other people, maybe a bit tipsy in parties for instance?
Why bother eliminating only Marilyn if that was the case?

And if John & R.Kennedy and Marilyn and Jose Bolanjos (maybe) plus probably quite many others knew those secrets, then there must have been a lot of elimination plans going on, and no proof that the secret information might yet not be somewhere potentially appearing to public media after a bunch of bigmouths had been muffled drunk.gif

I don't know - somehow it start's to seem more and more that why generally bother to kill Monroe, no matter by whom, cause the central point, I feel at the moment is, why bother?

Any secret info told carelessly by RK, might have spread anyhow, and as hundreds of people that time knew or at least suspected that RK and MM had something going on, and , would they have mattered.... sleep1.gif

But yet, maybe, it was more simple than simplest of all simple - RK just killed her. Furious, full of anger, she had gone over the tops, no woman is going to cause him such a threat.... Could it have been like that?
For somehow I can't believe that RK could have had such a cold character.

It's all so complicated....

There are so many possibilities...I believe that both sides (mob and kennedy's) had their motives to kill Marilyn. I believe that Marilyn was the type of person that people could naturally confide in. There was something so open and loving and trusting about her, I could EASILY see the president telling her, about his anxieties over things going on, etc. This is why I believe that Marilyn also became so attached to him, because she must have genuinely felt like he loved her if he could confide in her such things. But the same thing could be true coming from the side of the mafia....though it's only really speculated, Frank Sinatra was someone close and very special to her, and Joe certainly has been linked to the mafia before as well (and let's not forget that hysterical Wrong Door Raid incident...biggrin.gif). However, I see the mafia-killing-marilyn theory as less plausible. Sinatra adored Marilyn, and she him. And lord knows if Joe had any wind of their plans, he would've stopped at nothing to protect her.

I feel that Marilyn knew too much, and not only that, but she had written it all down. I don't believe the "marilyn was too disorganised to keep any sort of journal" bullshit, because Marilyn wanted desperately to impress JFK, and when you want something badly enough you do it. I just don't see the Kennedy's as the wholesome boys they're often portrayed as....the whole romantic image of the young president does not an honest, good man make. The Kennedy's had more to gain from Marilyn's death....or is it possible that, in realising that the mafia was the perpetrator, the Kennedy's ordered that all of the documents etc marilyn owned that could possibly be linked to them be confiscated (phone records, personal documents, etc?). But it all happens so quickly that I'm just not sure.
Kennedy had been seeing Giancana's mistress Judith Campbell,so it's said. If anyone was going to be killed it would have been her.But she wasn't. I just don't see the mob killing someone to make someone else look bad and then not do any "follow up". Nothing about the Kennedy affairs ever came out to the extent of putting their political ambitions at risk. RFK would have won the presidency in 1968 had he not been killed. Ted Kennedy would have defeated Jimmy Carter in the Democratic primaries of 1976 had it not been for Chappaquidick! Nothing was done to disgrace the Kennedys because of their connections to Marilyn. So, if they had anything to do with Marilyn's death, it was due to some other reason.Personal conflicts, or they were used by someone higher up to carry out the job. But never for the official reason related to their involvement. It's just not Italian mob-like.
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