Hello everyone!

I'm new here, I came over from MM.com forums, since they went to hell apparently, LOL...what a mess.

anyhow, I had this weird dream about Marilyn a couple years ago where I felt like I was in her room. Her voice sorta came into my head and she told me that she was poisoned.

Now I'm wondering about the possibility of this. I know that Marilyn frequently if not always took her pills by opening them and putting them in her drink. that explains the absence of the pill residue and the lack of needlemarks. and how easily she would have accepted a drink not knowing what was inside.

Also I don't think that the condition of her colon should be a huge factor in trying to determine her cause of death because she would take enemas quite alot. so though it can't be entirely dismissed, I don't think it's as big a factor as others seem to think it is.

what do you guys think??