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Full Version: Fbi File Links Kennedy To Monroe's Death
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I didnt understand it very well...Is it about a fake suicide?
Hmmm interesting. But, I don't think I believe it.

It's basically about Marilyn faking a suicide to gain sympathy from everyone around her. It saids that she faked a suicide on August 4th, like she had done numerous times before, but this time Robert Kennedy had arranged for no one to help her... and just let it happen.
That doesn't seem like a very exact method of getting someone killed. Who knows but as Anthony Summers is something of a conspiracy theory afficiando, his thoughts are interesting at least.

Marilyn Monroe's Biographer Denies FBI 'Murder' Claims

Marilyn MonroeMarilyn Monroe's biographer has slammed a newly released
FBI report that claims the star was the victim of a murder conspiracy.
Monroe, 36, was found lying naked, faced down on her bed at her
Brentwood, California home on August 5th 1962. A coroner ruled the
cause of death as 'probable suicide' by barbiturate poisoning, but
many conspiracy theorists believe her rumored affair with Kennedy had
something to do with her unexpected death.

However, her biographer Anthony Summers refuses to believe the newly
released FBI document, unearthed by Australian filmmaker Phillipe
Mora. It claims Monroe was tricked into killing herself by associates,
including former US attorney general Robert Kennedy, who promised the
actress would be rescued in time. Summers, who claims to have had
access to the FBI documents over 20 years ago, rubbishes the
allegations of foul play as unfounded.

He says, "I had this document in 1984 when it was first released by
the FBI. I had the uncensored version of it the same year. I got it
from a private source in California who in turn had been in touch with
a man called Frank Capell, who was a right-wing agitate, keen to lay
blame for Monroe's death at the feet of the Kennedys."

"I didn't use it because I believed it was full of misguided gibberish
and rumor. It's a shame because there are some real mysteries
surrounding Monroe's death - but I don't think murder is one of them."

(This news article provided by World Entertainment News Network)
i've always thought that JFK played a major part in marilyn's death.
i have a book called "the many lives of marilyn monroe" and in it it says that robert kennedy visited marilyn on the day she died? is that true ???
QUOTE(chocolatbuny @ Sep 6 2007, 01:08 AM) *
i have a book called "the many lives of marilyn monroe" and in it it says that robert kennedy visited marilyn on the day she died? is that true ???

Some sources suggest that Bobby may have been in LA on the afternoon before Marilyn died. However other sources contradict this, so it all depends on who you believe.
What I've read from various books about R. Kennedy's whereabouts, there are three alternatives, a) he visited Marilyn that afternoon, not too many hours before she died, b) he was in LA, but didn't visit Marilyn, and c) he was in San Fransisco like a friend of him told.

That leaves us, not only to believe, but to KNOW, that at least two of these alternatives are lies and people behind them are lying.

And if so many people wanted or had to lie about where Robert Kennedy was then, then how enourmously a lot of lies have been kept alive about this case during the last 45 years?
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