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Full Version: Marilyn And The Dress!
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I was researching "Some Like It Hot" a few months ago - I usually do. Just to find any titbits or rare pictures. And then I found an interesting bit of information. I really wish I could remember this site but all I can remember it saying was;

Marilyn Monroe was seen looking through the wardrobe department behind the scenes of "Some Like It Hot". And she had picked up the dress that Jack Lemmon wore in the scene when Marilyn sang "I Wanna Be Loved By You". The sparkly one by Orry-Kelly. She had gone to see Orry-Kelly to ask about it; "That's Jack Lemmon's," Orry-Kelly had said. And she replied; "It was!".

I think it said that apparently Orry-Kelly revealed that in an interview. But I kept thinking. Surely if Marilyn wanted it, Jack Lemmon's size and measurements would be much different to hers? I think it was just a rumour that websites sometimes like to spread but it does seem kinda humourous!
Have you seen this photo? It's not Jack but I'm sure you'ill enjoy!!
it would be funny if it turns out to be true. but why would that dress be for the second main character? they have the outfits that all match the rest of the orchestra.
QUOTE(Brigitte @ Aug 17 2007, 05:17 AM) *
Have you seen this photo? It's not Jack but I'm sure you'ill enjoy!!

Thanks! That is pretty funny. thumbup1.gif
It doesn't surprize me, kind of no waisted dress could possibly be quite free fitting - besides they could resize to Marilyn's anyway. Even when something is made for you, most actress still would want the fit tweaked, as any performer would.
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