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Full Version: Marilyn At The Premiere Of "the Apartment" (1960)
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I got this off Shirley MacLaine's website and I figured it was a little "titbit" on Marilyn!:

"I remember Marilyn Monroe was at the screening. She had no makeup on and was wrapped up in a mink coat. In her low whispery voice she said… "The picture is a wonderful examination of the corporate world." My mouth flew open! She got it!"

Here is where I got the info from:

Does anybody happen to have any pictures from this event? rolleyes1.gif
This is the only one I have. I believe it's from the Preview, not the premiere. balloon.gif

Here is another topic about it bye1.gif!

Preview of The Apartment, 1960.
Ive heard this movie is wonderful, I'm so glad that Marilyn enjoyed it and that she wowed Shirley smile1.gif
The Apartment is one of my favourite movies, I recommend it highly. Marilyn's comment is spot-on, she got to the heart of what it's about.
I didn't realise there was another topic on it! Thanks, though.

It really is a wonderful movie. Seeing as Billy Wilder directs this film, it was just after Some Like It Hot and starred Marilyn's SLIH co-star Jack Lemmon, Marilyn is actually mentioned a few times in this film. As a bit of a tribute to her because despite all of her problems, SLIH went on to become one of the greatest comedies of all time.
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