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Dear Marilyn admirers,

Finally, Everlasting-Star has its own home, on a brand new server.
I decided to buy our own server and I hope it won't be too slow because I had to take something as affordable as I could, while performant enough, as I don't have too much money to spend on that kind of stuff right now.

Luckily (and only God knows how) we finally managed to get a whole backup and were able to reset the whole boards without loosing anything ! Well... I'm lying a bit. Actually we lost all the avatars that were uploaded directly in your profiles. We also lost the pictures in your personal profiles. Therefore I strongly suggest that you all login to your profile, and upload a new avatar (or choose one from the gallery) and photo. Other than that, we haven't lost anything !

On another note, I will soon put up ads on the site (nothing intrusive though, the same you had until now, except I am the one who will get revenue from them) and add a "donation" button (donators will become Elite Members as a thank you gift) so anyone who feels like helping me out financially can do so easily. I will post more about all of this (server costs, donations,...) soon but in the meantime, as we're all glad to be back, jump in and start posting smile1.gif

Please report any bugs or problem you encounter as a reply to this post.

Great news! Thank you so much Mels clapping.gif clapping.gif
And that was really quick! You do so much for this site smile1.gif
Wonderful Mels, thanks so much! marilynbybrandon_190.gif
great mels, you are the best
Thank you Mels! thumbup1.gif
wooo hooooo jumpymm.gif clapping.gif thanks mels marilynbybrandon_190.gif
Wow this is really great ! thank you mels ! thumbup1.gif
Wow thank you Mels
Tell us more about the donations
Bless you Mels! throb.gif

The angels in heaven around Marilyn (I know) are sending you starlight kisses...

I'm so happy!!!!!!! Thank you Mels!!!! cheekkiss.gif clapping.gif mf_w00t1.gif banana.gif
I'm so happy ES is back banana.gif ! Thanks a million Mels worshippy.gif clapping.gif !!
I replied here, but it didn't go up!
No problem --- I'll do it again:
clapping.gif CONGRATULATIONS!!! clapping.gif
diamondsdancing.gif jumpymm.gif Thank you! jumpymm.gif dancingmm2_279_203.gif
this is great! it's awesome to be back online! thank you so much mels! throb.gif
Thanks Mel! I checked this page everyday to find it when it was back! clapping.gif clapping.gif
how nice to see the forum back biggrin.gif thank mod.
I'm happy that this Forum is back online!
I am so happy! Thank you Mels!

I would be more than happy to donate some money to the board! wink3.gif
Yay! This is so great! I missed the board very much wub.gif

Aw, I just receive 8 MM movies from on DVD... so I'm so looking forward to watch them all night!

mels, you have done a great , oh no, a monster job ! I thank you so much ! I love the board and all the wonderful members!

thank you so much, mels! i don't know what i'd do without this site, it truly is a gem!
Thank you so much Mels for all your hard work on these boards I appreciate it and I know everyone else does too. I really missed this place the past few days. It feel's good to be back. koreasing.gif asgtg4katie.gif
Yay! Wow, I don't realize how much I'm on here until ES goes down! O_O Keep up the great job staffers! smile1.gif
Thanks so much mels! Where I would be without ES....biggrin.gif
great news mels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so happy Mels 10000000000000 times THANK YOU !!!!! jumpymm.gif
Good job, Mels!

I love this forum, even though i don't communicate much!

I come here for anything Marilyn related! This place is the best.
What good news. I've been on holiday and was worried about the site not being here when I returned. It's a relief that the site is ok and safe. I can't imagine how much work went into it so thank you Mels.
Lauren Michele
Thank you Mels! That was so fast. It is nice to be back. throb.gif
Thank you I love this site.....
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