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Full Version: [Review] Marilyn Monroe: The Mortal Goddess
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I have like many of you been watching Marilyn programs this weekend and was very cross to watch one today simply titled marilyn Monroe on the Biography Channel this morning - 06/08/06 and it was great for a while then when it approached her last couple of years it portrayed her as awful on SGTG saying nearly every scene she shot was useless - which we know is not true since the forgotten footage was discovered and watched!
Then it stated how she was deseperate after she was fired and called anyone who would listen , then is said that she was basically unemployed, getting old and her star was burning out and thats why she committed suicide.
They forgot to mention that Marilyn had been re-hired by the studio with a fanatastic rise and she was looking radiant - ( aren't all women a litle self concious anyway) and that she was making drastic changes in her life! asgtg4katie.gif
I felt so cross I just had to sound off! Its not so shocking to us as we all know so much about Marilyn but new fans would not know these so called facts were lies! I feel that this documentary was produced by the studio to blacken her name and reputation. Even if all the facts were not know when this was produced - they should have corrected it and told the facts


I am so cross - this weekend especially!

Title:Marilyn Monroe-The Mortal Goddess
Original air date (or production date):1996

Duration:91 minutes
Presented by:Peter Graves
Produced by:Hillary Atkin
Directed by:Kevin Burns

Additional information:

Interviewees include Jim Dougherty, James Haspiel, Susan Strasberg, Donald Spoto, Evelyn Moriarty, Don Murray, Sheree North, Jim Bacon, Hugh Hefner, Gloria Steinem and Eli Wallach.


The documentary is called Marilyn Monroe: The Mortal Goddess. It is also available on Region 1 DVD, which also includes 20 theatrical trailers. It is also one of the most frequently shown documentaries on the Biography Channel, which just goes to show how popular our girl is. (Perhaps one of the mods could rename this thread as '[review]Marilyn Monroe-The Mortal Goddess'? Just a thought.)

Kes, thanks for posting about this documentary which has not been discussed here. And I agree with you about SGTG. They showed Marilyn blowing her lines and implied that she was unfit to work. But it is unfair to show outtakes that would never have been included if the film had been completed. While I don't know if SGTG would have been a great movie, that is no reflection on Marilyn. She looks great, and there is just as much footage where she performs wonderfully. They just chose not to show it.

There was also one part where they said that 'her many infidelities' led to her being unable to have children. But they completely ignored the fact that Marilyn suffered from endometriosis all her adult life.

This is indeed an official studio biography, so it is big-budget. As with every biography, they have manipulated the facts to suit their own agenda. But I still feel that this documentary is well worth watching, for the sheer volume of footage (it is 91 minutes long), including movie clips and newsreels, and the many interviews with people who knew or admired Marilyn, such as Jim Dougherty, James Haspiel, Susan Strasberg, Donald Spoto, Evelyn Moriarty, Don Murray, Sheree North, Jim Bacon, Hugh Hefner, Gloria Steinem and Eli Wallach.

My feeling is that if you ignore the commentary, there is much to enjoy here. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars, for the extensive footage and interviews. But it loses a point because of the inaccuracies in the commentary.
Did anyone recorded it, and maybe have one for me? I will pay for it.
hello everyone! bye1.gif
i've been searching online recently for marilyn documentaries. i came across this one, and before i purchase it, i was hoping if anyone had any feedback on this documentary. is it worth buying?
thanks for any info at all! xoxo
Hi, there's another thread on this docu - but hard to find as it's under a different title. Hope this helps - I think it's a good one. Perhaps one of the mods could merge this thread? bye1.gif
Here we go !

I have merged both threads and edited the topic of the original one to the name of the docu smile1.gif

Thank you for the heads up Tara !

Thanks Mels, you're welcome!
thanks tara for the heads up on this thread and the documentary and thank you mels for merging this thread! =]
I'm not sure, but in Russia it was shown by First Channel some years ago. If I'm not wrong with that, but I like it. It was first great doc movie about Marilyn in Russian channels. Because here and Russia, movies about and with Marilyn aren't shown often :(
I would like to add that I think this documentary is very nice. It's a very sincere documentary, realistic and not over the top.

A topnotch documentary, a must see!
I bought mine at Border's, a few months ago, so some of you looking for it should check there if you can!
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