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Full Version: I Have A Difficult Question (please Don't Think Ill Of Me)
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She achieved incredibly, considering how ill-prepared she was by her upbringing, difficult role models etc, to deal with the the wiles and politics of Hollywood and its characters. That she "made it" despite being perpetually 16 - surrounded by vultures and some friends, shows just how special a soul she was. Arthur Miller said something along the lines of her frail and vulnerable appearance must hide some kind of steel to have survived in hollywood (definitely not an exact quote). It was one of the things he found remarkable about her.
- and she just figured it out on August 4, who the bad guys were . . . . .
QUOTE(jennie2000 @ Sep 9 2006, 07:54 PM) *
Is there anything left of her body to get answers from? DNA can tell if these people are her daughter, but the main reason to exhume her body would be to find out what really happened the night she died. Does anything remain of the body that could reveal that? Most people (non-Marilyn devotees) believe she committed suicide, she's as famous for her sex appeal as her "tragic death", "died from an overdose", "killed herself". But what if she didn't? To a lot of people she's a tragic sex icon, but what if it was never her time to go, if someone did this to her? If they think they can find out, then go for it. Find out. It doesn't matter if most people never know about it, and still believed it was suicide. It would be justice for Marilyn. If only a few people knew the truth that would be enough. As it is, noone does. But if they're not 100% certain they can reveal something, leave her be.

throb.gif Molly

Well spoken Molly marilynbybrandon_190.gif
QUOTE(lillis3 @ Nov 4 2007, 06:42 AM) *
Well spoken Molly marilynbybrandon_190.gif

Did I really say that a year ago?
I'll have to agree with someone else here who said not long ago that their comments had come back to haunt them.
I'll have to see what I said,
if I disagree with myself I let you know blush.gif
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