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Dear members,

You probably have read this announcement about the disk space issue raised by the site. This is the place to discuss the issue and share your ideas.

Please reply to our poll and send all your suggestions here. If you guys can see threads that I can delete, please send them over, here as well. It's an urgent matter !

Thanks for your attention,

I would think the best thing to do is thin out kind of the useless emails and posts that are without photos. I would think to keep the photos would be the most important thing and to be rid of the posts itself. JMO. Thanks Cindy McCord marilynbybrandon_190.gif
QUOTE(mels @ Apr 21 2006, 07:05 AM) [snapback]103404[/snapback]
Dear members,

You probably have read this announcement about the disk space issue raised by the site. This is the place to discuss the issue and share your ideas.

Please reply to our poll and send all your suggestions here. If you guys can see threads that I can delete, please send them over, here as well. It's an urgent matter !

Thanks for your attention,

Lauren Michele
Hi Mels, my opinion would be to delete many double pictures on the same thread. Lauren Michele

While I do understand your position, I'm afraid that deleting posts won't help us save space. It's the pictures that are problematic, sadly. They take much much much more space than the written posts :(
That's why the only options I gave involve getting rid of pics :(

I hope I make sense !
I agree with Lauren Michele...

I am a new member, and thus far, only lurking and browsing photos. But, I have found many repeats of photos within the same threads.

I know it could be a fair bit of work, but I am sure that some members could help with this. ... I think that the lesser quality photos that are duplicated should be the ones purged from the system. So, keep those with higher resolution, those without watermarks, etc., and purge the others.

I also agree that the older photo investigation threads could be purged without much trouble - I expect that the majority of these pictures pop up in other threads.

Joan Newman
I think our "rare pictures" thread has many photos that have been posted already .
Many of the photos from the "rare" threads (and there are many of them) have now been posted elsewhere, especially with film promotional photos and events. so you could probably delete the older entries/threads, or if you have loads of patience, check which photos are duplicated elsewhere and which are not.

My other idea would be instead of allowing photographs from in both the film and photographer threads (i.e having Jack Cardiff photos in both his thread and TPATS) just to put a link and recommend people cross-referance. And prune accordingly. biggrin.gif

OOOH, and I have another idea. Maybe make a rule about only posting genuinely rare photos in that thread, and just putting new ones from particular events etc in their respective threads, rather than in both. I've just had a look at the rare photos thread and many of them are not that rare, so perhaps we need to be stricter about what is and isn't rare, but somehow also not alienate newbies at the same time. Cause I totally understand what is new to one person might be old hat to another.

And I agree getting rid of small, watermarked photos would be a good idea. Such as ones people have asked to have cleaned.
get rid of ALL the useless emails and posts that are without photos. I would get rid of the Artwork all together, or at least only have the current month, with each previous month deleted. And yes delete the double posts in Rare. jumpymm.gif

and remove all of the old things from Test your posting skills/off topic chats.

Also for your suggestions, other forums lock their announcements so that members can not say "thanks!" to them. that might save you a bit of space if you remove the reply to announcements AND you keep ppl from replying to it.

Also maybe you want another mod in the future that takes care of space. whose sole job is to delete repeated posts/make sure pics dont get repeated, etc, etc that way you wont have to worry so much anymore?
Hi to all!!!

I agree with many other members... my suggestions are:

1) delete many double pictures on the same thread, to keep only the best versions of each pic, and the pics with watermarks
2) delete photo investigation threads
3) I agree, in Rare pictures threads, delete many double pictures.
4) delete the oldest posts in "Artwork"
5) in "Miscellaneous pictures" threads delete topics like "Your Norma Jeane Favourite Picture" or "Marilyn Sleeping Or Resting" or "Marilyn And The Phone" or "Marilyn In Sunglasses" or "Marilyn Doing Her Makeup" or "Marilyn With Hat" or "Marilyn And Jayne "sharing Clothes" or "Marilyn Reading" because in these topics we find many double pictures (to name just a few...)... or "Let's Play A Game"
6) delete the things not important in Off Topic Chat
7) delete the pics with the accessories and all the clothes, and jewels or locations... all the pics without MM
8) delete the pics that have not nothing to do with MM (like "Mm Impersonators" or "Eunice Murray" I think are important the pics with the parents and relatives only)
9) delete the posts without pics
10) delete all double topics (like "Earl Moran: Early Modeling Pics" or "Carl Perutz: Just Lovely Pics" "Red Cowboy hat", to name just a few)
11) Change all the pics posted in Bitmap format in Jpeg

All the best!
CLARA throb.gif throb.gif
the photos that are posted more than once should be deleted & ppl could post links for scans because they take much space
& I think some posts are too long shy.gif
I would also like to quickly suggest that when you're set to start purging sections not involving duplicate photos, to give everyone a little forewarning. Make an announcement that in 3 days (or whatever period of time you think reasonable) such-and-such a section will be worked on, so that folks have time to jump in there and browse the older threads if they want to. There may be info there that members would like to save into their files for reference.

Joan Newman
QUOTE(mels @ Apr 21 2006, 01:29 PM) [snapback]103420[/snapback]

While I do understand your position, I'm afraid that deleting posts won't help us save space. It's the pictures that are problematic, sadly. They take much much much more space than the written posts :(
That's why the only options I gave involve getting rid of pics :(

I hope I make sense !

We should read the above post again.

I do love collecting all her clothes, furniture, house pictures, etc. They are very precious to me.
would deleting old threads that havent ever been replied to help... just a tad bit? Because there are some threads that have ZERO replies... and seems almost useless to keep around.
The only pics I am interested in are huge, high resolution scans/prints that are very clear with little noise or flaws. Get rid of the rest and save tons of space.

I voted for the oldest pics in the Artwork forum.
Besides all the doubles, and there are a few obviously keeping the best quality one.

Some other pics which might take quite some disk space are those Marilyn look alikes type pics. As far as I'm concern they all could be deleted. And there also are some others like "is this Marilyn" type of thread. Some of them are valid but if I remember well, most of them were obviously not Marilyn and some were even kind of trashy. So I would for deleting those.

Other suggestion even if it won't necessarily save major space is that all members rapidly go thru their own posts and delete the now unecessary and staledated posts or threads.
I voted for 'Atwork forum', but I think that 'Miscellaneous pictures' is also good idea.
this is my opinion:

Disappearing "misc picture" (members repeat photos that we can find at another subforums)
For "picture investigation" and our personal photos (about Marilyn or not) we can use service of free sites like ImageShack (hosting)

many members repeat photos posted, we must raise the consciousness of the people in order that they look for that photo before post it

if we open a new topic like "My favorite photo", use other and free hosting

and... is it possible to join together all of the photos in a free hosting? only photos, and than the members, during a weeks, may get download the photos that we are interested in

Artwork would be able to be divided at the following subforums: caricatures, personal artwork, artwork by... why? ´cause we repeat topics and its artworks like caricatures, by... etc.

I think that forum "rare pictures" must be moderate, that is, all those photos that a member consider unpublished and want to post it at this forum, it will have to be approved by the moderator and to consider it rare.
I think getting rid off some of the old artwork (like mine) and pics that have been posted many times would be a good idea. balloon.gif
I voted to cut back the Artwork forum. Also the Misc Pics could be trimmed, unless they are specific. But I would keep non-MM pics if they are relevant - friends, possessions, houses etc.

I'm in favour of deleting double posts or topics that are too similar - eg multiple Norma Jeane threads, when there only limited pics. And some of the rare photos could be removed. I think the Celebrities As MM threads, and off-topic photos could be deleted too.
IMHO, one possibility is increasing the drive space? Drives are very inexpensive these days, I have a half dozen 300GB USB drives. Alternatively, the "deleting the older material" is similar to use net, the old stuff gets deleted after some period of time, an incentive for those collecting images to check in more often! -Si
Hi there
I agree with many of the other members who have already suggested deleting duplicate photos from threads. Is there any way we could all help with this? ( a post box system where we send in details of duplicates as we find them maybe ), the reason I ask is that I have been trawling through the rare picture threads and have noticed lots of duplicates.
As a matter of curiosity, I wondered what other members do when they find a rare photo on a thread ? Are they putting them in a file on their computer or printing them off ? I ask because I have now put lots and lots on a file on my Mac and it is rather overwhelming . But I am thinking ahead as I don't want to lose the chance to access these lovely photos before some of them are culled.
Many thanks
QUOTE(mels @ Apr 21 2006, 01:05 PM) [snapback]103404[/snapback]
Dear members,

You probably have read this announcement about the disk space issue raised by the site. This is the place to discuss the issue and share your ideas.

Please reply to our poll and send all your suggestions here. If you guys can see threads that I can delete, please send them over, here as well. It's an urgent matter !

Thanks for your attention,


i've notice LOTS of bandwidth taken up by pasting LONG articles (such as the one about the queen mary exhibit; the dimaggio auction). since links to these already exist, we should have just links, and links to pics/artwork/poetry/fan fiction, etc., if available.

also, we NEED a blog! on the boards i've visited, i'm the only one there no.gif ! we need a place where we can exchange news, info, etc., in real time. know that takes space, but if you do the above, it'll create some!

one other thing: let's vote on which pics should be at-hand, which should be archived/linked, and which should be chucked (we can do this by voting on the parameters); this survey is too general. think of it as one big spring cleaning -- that'll really help!
First, let me just say a thanks to all who have been and still are contributing to this great forum.

To me this is a really great source for doing studies and research on anything Monroeiana. I would lke to point out the great value of all information assembled here in various subforums and threads. As far as I know, there is really nothing like it anywhere else. As it is now, anyone can get the greatest info on Marilyn Monroe by checking out all the various subforums here.

This leads to my view that, if anything will have to go, it would have to be posts and pictures that are not directly providing any new information on Marilyn and her life.

I think that all subforums that have been collecting info on Marilyn photo shoots, magazine features and films should get priority. There is a lot of great work and important facts that have been put in there by many members through the years.

My suggestion is that - as some other people already have suggested - firstly "My artwork" would have to go, with the exception for such colorisatons that try to restore original colors to a photograph. However, making artwork on Marilyn is an important activity to many members and very interesting as such. I suggest that we either post links to outside the forum for future art contributions, or set up a rule, that for the "Artwork" forum, posts older than, say a month, will be automatically deleted.

The same could go for picture threads that assemble pictures of particular interest of many members, but which - as such - don't really provide any direct new information. I'm thinking of threads like "Marilyn with pets", "Marilyn on the phone" etc. Personally I appreciate the work and enjoy the result of these collections, but if anything has to go, I would have to pick these threads as well.

Of course a great deal of double posted pictures could be deleted, if there is any viable way to do it - I mean it would take a great deal of work. It would have to be done by people who know what they are doing.
Sometimes a picture, which has been posted elsewhere is needed to stay intact because there is some info that would be pointless, unless the picture is being shown. (In these cases, maybe just a small sized, non-linked thumbnail would do it.)

In request threads, there is actually no point in keeping pictures of the initial request, if they have been satisfied by posts of pictures in high-resolution, for instance.

To me photo forums and threads like "Photographers and photoshoots", "Events and paparazzi", "Movies", "Picture investigations", "Magazine & articles", along with other info-based discussions are the most precious ones to keep.

Any way, whatever steps are to be taken I hope that we will get notice some time ahead, just so we will be able to check out the forums and threads first before they get deleted.

Thanks again to everyone who makes this forum such a great place.
I beg you, please do not delete my Movie Posters in the artworks section!
Those took me hours to make! no.gif

I would suggest deleting all the "repeated" photos on other threads...the artworks section have original pictures, and therefore should not be deleted. bye1.gif
I've been trying to think how to solve this. I hate to see anything go, but I guess there's no other way.
First, I think the Artwork forum could be cleaned. It was a good suggestion that artwork that's over a month old would be deleted. Something definitely needs to be done there.
Second, the Rare pictures threads and subforum are a problem. I think it's a good idea to have a rare pics thread, but maybe it should be moderated in some way? So that pics that aren't really that rare wouldn't get posted there.
I just love Misc pics subforum. Sometimes it's really important to find pictures of MM that have the same theme. Not all these pictures are already posted somewhere else. I think it should stay. So should photoshoots & movies.
Some of the oldest Picture investigations and requests could be deleted. If for example a bigger picture exists, someone will most likely post it on its appropriate thread.
Also maybe we could create a new subforum for pictures. This could be the place for MM related pictures, such as photos of her family members and other important people in her life, locations, letters, her things and clothes etc. What do you think about that?
I think in all the forums you should delete any threads that haven't been visited after May/June2005, unless they're already been deleted. Also, I think that there should be one specific thread for MM related news pinned in the MM General section instead of an entire subforum.
Dear members,

First of all, thank you for your participation. I never hoped for such a high involvement and participation !!! You guys are the best ! thumbup1.gif Keep your ideas coming, I'm listening to all of your suggestions and I will keep this opened for the upcoming days.

In the meantime and because it was an urgent matter I

1/ Deleted the whole "tests" forum. I will add an auto-pruning feature in there. No one really cares for the contents of this forum so i will be regularly deleted.

2/ Deleted all the posts in "artwork" which hadn't gotten any replies in the past 90 days. I don't think anyone really cares about these posts going and I really had to do something.

I haven't had the chance to reply to your PMs yet and offers to help, I want you to know how much I appreciate your concern and help. I will get back to all of your PMs as soon as I can. I will go on holidays for a week and a half starting wednesday so I won't be able to reply before two weeks, so don't think I disregard or don't care for your feedback. It's just that I have free time issues... wink3.gif

To everyone again, thank you for your help. And keep posting, I need to hear more from you ! mf_prop.gif

QUOTE(mels @ Apr 24 2006, 02:13 AM) [snapback]103684[/snapback]
Dear members,

Hi Mels!

My suggestions:

1) 15 pages of "Solved Investigations";
2) Old replies in "Picture request";
3) 6 pages of "Probably you have them without watermarks?" - delete all the pics WITH the watermarks from this topic
4) lots of topics like "Marilyn with red hair" at the Rare Pics Forum

hugs ang good luck,

If possible, delete all the double posts in the Rare Pictures thread, and Photographers thread. I have noticed a lot of the same pictures in those ones, and old threads with zero replies bye1.gif
re-reading the posts, i think clara and sisancho have the best one-two punch solution. i'd also second purging the off-topic sections.

as well as a parameter-like poll, i'd also suggest a consenses on exactly what we want ES to be: a research tool, a forum to jabber about all things marilyn, a news outlet, etc. i have found it invaluable as a research tool, and i've been very impressed with everyone's knowledge here. coolio.gif
I think ES should include all of these things - that's what makes it such an interesting and diverse site. Of course it needs some trimming, but I would now like to show my appreciation for our members who contribute so much in different ways.

I agree with Harald - I often look at older posts when researching a particular subject. A seperate board for older solved cases might help.
Kurt Cobain
I'm a newbie and I did pm you(webmaster). I think moving to a new host with more space is a better thing, because I run a Nirvana fan site, and I get 40 gb of space pretty cheap. I think older topics and things more important to the members. Plus, it's substance for the newbies.

Just a suggestion.
That sounds like a good idea Harald. That way people can just search there without having to make a new post asking the same questions.
rolleyes1.gif biggrin.gif
I think that a lot of space could be saved with the rare picture topics. Photos that are posted there could more often than not sit on an appropriate picture forum. Perhaps the "rare picture" threads could be altered to only allow pictures to go in there that are not only rare but will not sit under any other category.
Just a suggestion but this is where I see the most wasted space.
Good luck Mels.
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