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Everlasting Star Community _ Documentaries _ Rare Natasha Lytess Interview About Marilyn Monroe July 1962

Posted by: Mark7 Aug 9 2013, 12:12 PM

A very rare interview with Natasha Lytess about Marilyn Monroe from around i think july 1962

Here is the interview video

Here is a Translation of this video from French to English. Thanks to youtube channel Sugalouette for this translation!

"Natasha Lytes: The first time I met her was in 1946 she was 20 I think...

The journalist: Do you remember when Marilyn came into your life? Do you remember the first time you saw her?

Natasha Lytess: Yes. She was not beautiful. She was not beautiful, she had no makeup. She was a natural blonde girl that was very rare at that time in Hollywood. She was very very shy. She was completely like an oyster

The journalist: Like an oyster?

Natasha Lytess: Yes like an oyster. She couldn't speak, she didn't know how to open her mouth, and she feared everything.
[...] She ate yes... She had a narrow hand-sewn dress, a red wool one. Her heels were so high, she could hardly walk. She moved like that (she imitates Marilyn) so all the men in the studio whistled at her. But her face was a childish one with disheveled hair... it was an extraordinary thing to see. And on the other hand her body and her moves were so feminine. It was just as if she was two different persons.

The journalist: How long did you work with Marilyn?

Natasha Lytess: Ten years... perhaps ten and a half. From the beginning with Colombia to....

The journalist: to the great successes.

Natasha Lytess: To her greatest success. She had been number 1 at box office for 6 years in the USA.

The journalist: How did you work with her on the set?

Natasha Lytess: On the set I was always very close to her. I had to be so close to her that she was always asking: Can she be a little bit closer to me? The director answered: "yes but we see her in the camera". Very often, during close-ups I had to hold her hand like that (she takes the journalist's hand).... I had to support her every time. Thanks to the specificities of the close-up -which films only the head or the shoulders- I could hold her hand without being filmed by the camera. I had to do it to give her some courage you know.

The journalist: For a while you had lived with Marilyn in the same house?

Nastasha Lytess: We had lived together for two years. The first time we had shared a flat and later she had lived in my house... it was later...

The journalist: How long did her bath last?

Natasha Lytess: Naked, she was always naked in the house. 6 or 7 or 8 hours... she was naked all day long! And I'm not exaggerating! After breakfast -eggs with milk but no coffee... she never drank coffee- she spent all her days before her mirror and she put on make-up like that... like a very important surgery (she imitates Marilyn).

The journalist: Can you talk about the dress she wore the night of Photoplay's gala?

Natasha Lytess: The dress was sewed on her. She could not put the dress like that... it was just like skin. There was nothing under the dress, no underwear.

The journalist: That's why she became famous?

Natasha Lytess: Yes and no. She had a lot of publicities but in fact she did not need that. On the contrary she had some problems because of that.

The journalist: So, why did she dress and act like that?

Natasha Lytess: It's very difficult to explain. She was so insecure, she was afraid of giving up all that had made her as Marilyn the sexiest girl: dresses, make-up, moves. Because she thought she had nothing to give except sex appeal. In fact it's interesting because she really hated sex!

The journalist: Her?

Latasha Lytess: Yes Marilyn. She hates sex. She was afraid of that. When someone told her: "you look sexy" she did not like that. You can say that to another girl "you look sexy", "Yes I did" she is very happy, Marilyn never!
One day I worked in the studio, all of a sudden, I do not know why, I had the feeling that I had to go home. Why? I do not know. No one called me. I took my car and I went to my house. At home there was my maid Clara and the door was opened. I said to her: "where's Marilyn?"; "I don't know Miss Lytess". My maid answered: "I did not see her". So I ran, I knocked on her bedroom's door and immediately I saw on the door, a piece of paper on which Marilyn had written "do not let Barbara enter my bedroom".

The journalist: Barbara is your daughter?

Natasha Lytess: Yes Barbara is my daughter. I knocked on the door. No answer. I pushed the door quite easily because it was not locked up, there was a chair behind the door to block it. And I saw Marilyn in her bed, her hair was uncombed, she was not really covered up and her face was awfully pale. Her cheeks were swelled like that (she imitates) and she had a vacant look. I said "what have you done Marilyn?" She looked at me like that (she imitates Marilyn's look). I repeated "what have you done?" She answered "nothing". And I violently slapped her... Because I was terrified you know. I opened her mouth and it was full of an awful green thing. I do not know what it was but I took it from her mouth with my hand. She had swallowed sixteen sleeping pills.

The journalist: She had tried to swallow it...

Nastasha Lytess: Yes. But she had taken sixteen pills... The doctor told me that dose was so high that it could have killed her. At that moment of her life she wanted to kill herself because she was lost.

The journalist: What is the truth about Marilyn's childhood?

Natasha Lytess: A big part about Marilyn's childhood is true. But another one is exaggerated. She exaggerated a lot. She wanted to be the orphan child. She missed her childhood. She couldn't have it back you know. I saw her mother once. She was crazy you know and she is still. And I talked to her father once on the phone.

The journalist: Marilyn had found her father, hadn't she?

Natasha Lytess: Yes exactly. She was absolutely sure of her: he was her father. She never met him. She asked me one day "I want to talk to him, do you think it's a good idea?" I answered "yes you're right, it may help you." So one day we took a car and we went to Palm Springs - it is a desert- to meet him. But we couldn't see him.

The journalist: Why?

Natasha Lytess: Why? Because she was afraid of meeting him without warning him. It was very very hot that day. She was very nervous because all her make-up was flowing over her face, whereas she had spent hours to be perfect and very beautiful for him. It was really touching. She was just like a woman who wanted to meet her lover or her husband but certainly not her father. She just wanted to dazzle him. I understood her perfectly. Then we finally arrived, she was very nervous, her hair was disheveled and she did not have any make-up left. She wanted me to speak to him. So she gave me a paper with his name. We were standing in a phone box and I dialed the telephone number and a voice answered "yeah". It was a terrible voice, a very nasal one... You know in America there are terrible voices like that. He asked "who is it?" I answered "I speak for Marilyn Monroe". "Who is she?" Like that you know... So I talked to him but you see he wanted to hang up so I told him "no no you wait". I was very close to her; you see the phone box was very small for two people. She began talking like that (she imitates Marilyn) "yes here is Marilyn" like that you know. And he said "who are you?" He said to her terrible things and very harmful words: "who the hell are you?"... Like that. She said to him that she just wanted to talk to him and that she did not want anything... absolutely nothing at all. She said: "I'd like to see you just one time" He refused. He said "I have a family, my own kids ..." like that. Finally he promised to call her when he'd be back in Hollywood. She said really moving "Are you going to? I'm very very happy!". It was so sad, I was crying you know. She wanted to see her real father.

The journalist: Did he call her?

Natasha Lytess: NEVER !!!"

Posted by: Fav Aug 15 2013, 07:32 AM

Really really interesting and look at the date of it - just before she passed.

Thanks Mark. If you are SGTG77 thanks for your You Tube videos. Brilliant channel.

Posted by: Eva Aug 15 2013, 01:04 PM

Very Interesting what Natasha revealed about Marilyn she if anyone would know these very personal things about these details. It was very sad hearing about her calling her father it was obvious he didn't want to be known as her father but why? Its such a pity he didn't get to know her properly and very sad for Marilyn.

Posted by: Eva Aug 15 2013, 01:04 PM


Posted by: Mark7 Aug 16 2013, 11:58 AM

QUOTE(Fav @ Aug 15 2013, 04:32 PM) *
Really really interesting and look at the date of it - just before she passed.

Thanks Mark. If you are SGTG77 thanks for your You Tube videos. Brilliant channel.

Thanks smile1.gif yes that my channel

Posted by: Celia May 9 2014, 01:28 PM

I found this. It gets on my nerves. She taught a woman who had been married for several years how to kiss??


Posted by: Margherita May 10 2014, 08:07 PM

I think it was during Marilyn's last year her real father, the one in the article, called her and wanted to meet her and left her a message, but Marilyn's response that time was: If you want to meet me, you can contact my lawyer.

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