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Everlasting Star Community _ General discussion _ Evidence Of Murder?

Posted by: jinjoe Jan 19 2011, 11:43 AM

Hi all i find this very interesting and holds some credibility let me know your thoughts please, the following text i saved to a word pad file some time ago.

Mob Killed Marilyn Monroe

FRANK SINATRA tried to take revenge for the death of MARILYN MONROE after discovering she'd been murdered by the mob. The legendary crooner, linked to organised crime throughout his life, found out that Mafia boss SAM GIANCANA had killed the movie legend.

And this revelation led him to work alongside the FBI against the mob for years to come, according to writer MICHAEL MUNN. The scribe's information comes from a reliable source.

He had an affair with OlE BLUE EYES' ex-wife AVA GARDNER, who spilled the beans on the Marilyn affair. Sinatra called a meeting of the infamous RAT PACK, including DEAN MARTIN, SAMMY DAVIS and PETER LAWFORD - during which Lawford, an in-law of President JOHN F KENNEDY, admitted his part in a massive cover-up designed to keep out of the press the fact that BOBBY KENNEDY had been with the blonde actress on the day she died.

The police made no investigation whatsoever, but Sinatra launched his own private investigation instead. As he had feared, Monroe had sealed her fate when she drunkenly confided to Giancana about her affair with Bobby and how she planned to expose it.

Munn writes, "Giancana saw it as an opportunity to bring scandal to the White House. That evening they dragged Marilyn to her bedroom and inserted a suppository soaked with Nembutal barbiturate into her rectum." Munn also suggests Sinatra was set to ask the some like it Hot (1959) actress to marry him. (ACW/WNTEX/BRC) Source: WENN

August 4, 1962: Witnesses track the nightime movements of powerful people in and around Marilyn Monroe's home at 12305 Fifth Helena Dr Brentwood, CA, the night of her death.

Robert F. Kennedy, Attorney General at the time, was seen by scores of residents at the Monroe home with his brother-in-law, actor, Peter Lawford.

Sometime before midnight a dark Mercedes sped east on Olympic Boulevard in Beverly Hills. Estimating the car to be driving in excess of 55 miles per hour, Beverly Hills police officer Lynn Franklin gave chase. In the car was, Bobby Kennedy, Peter Lawford, and Marilyn Monroe's psychiatrist, Ralph Greenson.

The body of Marilyn Monroe was discovered well before midnight, yet the call to the police about her death didn't occur until 3:30am.

Deborah Gould, ex-wife of Peter Lawford, says the delay was to get Bobby out of town. He had a helicopter chartered that night back to San Francisco.

Allegedly Peter Lawford went to Marilyn's house to clean up and do what he could before the press arrived.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, reporter Joe Hyams learned that Lawford's neighbors were upset that a helicopter had touched down on the Santa Monica shore behind the Lawford's residence in the early hours of Sunday morning, August 5, blowing sand into their swimming pools.

Ward Wood, another neighbor, told the police that he saw Bobby Guy Hockett, Marilyn's mortician arrive between 5:20 and 6:20 A.M, Marilyn's body was in an advanced stage of rigor mortis. He estimated that she died between 9:30 and 11:30 Saturday night, between the same time dozens of neighbors reported seeing Bobby Kennedy and Peter Lawford enter the house along with Dr. Ralph Greenson.

When a local attorney was asked to interview Monroe's psychiatrist for an inquiry into her death, he expected Dr. Greenson to maintain his beliefs that Monroe had committed suicide. He was wrong.

According to the attorney they had met for several hours, during which, Greenson discussed not only Marilyn's habits, but also the private confidences she shared with her psychiatrist.

During the interview Dr. Greenson expressed his firm opinion that Marilyn Monroe had not committed suicide. He went on to play a half hour tape that Marilyn had made at her home on her own tape recorder. The contents of this tape also led the attorney to conclude that she had not committed suicide.

Private Investigator, Otash, had been taping Kennedy for weeks prior to Monroe's murder. The day of her killing, "Otash described a struggle in the Monroe bedroom and Kennedy yelling 'Where is it? Where the hell is it? I have to have it! My family will pay you for it!'

At the conclusion of the struggle, Otash heard physical blows and a door slamming." This is most likely how Monroe obtained the bruises all over her body. It is obvious that Robert Kennedy was looking for Monroe's red diary Robert Slatzer remembers a phone conversation he had with Marilyn on the day of her death. "Has anyone else seen this book?" Slatzer asked. "Nobody. But I am so angry I may just call a press conference and show it to the whole world and let everybody know what the Kennedy's are really like.

A few hours before Marilyn had died, the actress told Slatzer that "Bobby Kennedy was here, and he threatened me, screamed at me, and pushed me around!" Slatzer said "now she was afraid and felt she was in terrible danger. Bobby felt she had become a problem and had said to her, "If you threaten me, Marilyn, there's more than one way to keep you quiet."

Allegedly when Deborah Gould asked her ex-husband, Peter Lawford, how Marilyn had died he told her that, 'Marilyn took her last big enema.'

Oddly enough her colon showed congestion and purplish discoloration and it was shown impossible for her to have swallowed the pills or been injected with them. Evidence of yellow dye should have been found in the digestive tract-especially in an empty stomach. Coroner Nogushi found no trace of yellow dye. Sometimes the residue moves to the duodenum but they found none there either.

Marilyn Monroe would have had to of swallowed 52-89 capsules to achieve her percentages of the drug in her blood. No case has yet to be reported in which anyone has swallowed over 12 capsules without leaving any residue in the stomach. Yet Marilyn had no residue at all.

Joe Hyams, a reporter, tried to obtain Monroe's phone records. A employee at the phone company told him "All hell's broken loose down here. Apparently you're not the only one interested in Marilyn's calls. The tapes disappeared…. I'm told it was impounded by men in dark suits and well-shined shoes…. Somebody high up ordered it."

Alan Kimble Fahey, author of "Hollywood Unlisted," claims that around the early 1980's, he was sent to do about three days of phone work on a system at Atascadero State Mental Hospital, a maximum-security facility on California's central coast.

Kim was minding his work, converting an old switchboard to a new phone system, when he was confronted by a thin, wiry man. "The Guy, as I will refer to him, was in his late 50's or early 60's, of medium build, maybe 145 pounds, with slicked-back, graying hair." Kim said that he spoke in a streetwise tone and seemed desperate to talk to someone.

Allegedly he told Kim that he was a small-timer in the Sam Giancana crime family in the East. The goal of anyone working for the mob was to move up in the family, so when he was told to go to California to do the deed he had no hesitation. He was told to shut Marilyn up and get a journal she had been keeping.

It seems that what she was writing in that journal was making some very powerful people nervous. The "Guy" had never been to Los Angeles and didn't know his way around, so a driver was provided for him and his partner.

They stalked Marilyn for several days to find out her routines. They discovered that part of her nightly routine was to sedate herself a little, take a drink or two, and crash on the bed in her bedroom with the TV on. During the time they stalked her, they also managed to lift her keys and had duplicates made of all of them, since they weren't sure which ones they would need. Finally they chose the night to make their move.

They let themselves in the front door. The Guy said they didn't see anyone else in the house. They entered her room and, as expected, found Marilyn in bed. "Before she could react, they were on top of her. Both men held her down while the Guy inserted a nembutol suppository (supplied for the purpose when they arrived in California) into her rectum. They had been told that it would work quickly and that it would not show up in an autopsy.

The Guy said that Marilyn struggled for only a minute or so, and then she stopped breathing. All was quiet. The search for the journal didn't take long; they found it under the mattress. They left in a matter of minutes, making sure that the front door was locked behind them and leaving no evidence of a break-in.

The Guy thought he was going to move up in the Giancana crime family because of his slick work, until he heard that his partner had been murdered and that there was a contract out for him, too.

He told Kim that he stole an ID that had a physical description close to his. He didn't want to be arrested and put in the general population in prison, because he knew the mob could get to him from inside. So he got a crazy idea to pretend that he was crazy. He got into an altercation in a restaurant, acted nutty, got arrested, and was subsequently admitted to Atascadero State Mental Hospital.

Crazy as the plan was, it might have worked. He may have thought that he could hide in the hospital and be released when things cooled off. What he didn't know was that the stolen ID was from a guy with a rap sheet longer than his arm who was a bona fide nut case.

The book "Double Cross," by Sam Giancana, written by the Chicago mobster's grandson, who had the same name as his grandfather. Sam boasted that his grandfather bragged not only that he had Marilyn Monroe killed, but even told him how he did it.

The method he described is one of the only things that matches the autopsy report. He explained that at the opportune time, discovered as they were allegedly bugging her bedroom. Giancanna's hitmen entered the bedroom where she was lying in bed on her stomach trying to sleep. He said they then held her down and administered a prepared enema containing a massive dose of Nembutal.

This explains the findings of colonic bruising due to the sudden forced distention by the enema, and would also explain some bruising as they held her on her stomach to administer the enema. Once enough drug was absorbed so that she stopped struggling, he said they slipped out undetected.

His Grandfather went on to explain that they did it at just that time, to implicate the Kennedy's. He notes Bobby had been back and forth that day to try and calm her down, since he was in the process of breaking off their relationship.

Allegedly he was involved with her to deflect her from the president, and was now trying to extract himself from her. His physical presence the evening of her death coupled with the fact that she was scheduled to hold a press conference on Monday, and the Kennedy's obvious need to keep the relationships quiet made this the ideal time for her death to cast doubt on the Kennedys.

Mr. Giancana also considered the possibility that she might disclose her mob connections thru her Hollywood friends who set up the meetings with her and the president.

Sam Giancanna had bragged that they set up Marilyn's relationship with the Kennedy's in the first place to ultimately use this as a way to publicly discredit them for "double crossing" them by going after them after they had helped them get elected.

As reported in multiple interviews, Robert Kennedy and Marylin Monroe's personal physician were notified once the aide found Ms. Monroe either dead or dying. Allegedly a vain attempt at resuscitation, staging the body and pill jars to restore what had looked like a suicide scene once it was clear she was dead, and searching for documents to attempt to find and remove her personal diary and all connections to president, and the delay of reporting to local police until all this was accomplished, make perfect sense.....

Also Louise DiMaggio claimed to have been on the telephone with Marilyn Monroe when she was murdered. She also claims to have said the name of her attacker before dying. (from a book by June DiMaggio, neice of Louise) Louise refused to name names even on her death bed, saying that the knowledge terrified her to death.

Posted by: nzmermaid Aug 11 2011, 11:53 PM

Greenson knew Marilyn was not a suicide for sure. Here is why:

I think Marilyn's death served two purposes and those two entities were connected, with the Kennedy component as a third, but more of a red herring that simply muddied the waters. Please read this article below first.

I believe the Miner tapes to be based on Marilyn's words and thoughts, and during those tapes she seems to worship Greenson. But like many before him, she saw through him after a while and when he found out he was to be dumped his Svengali ego could not handle it. In the Miner tapes Mrs Murray is also on the chopping block, so to speak. I think Marilyn was clearing out the leeches at the time of her death.

As Greenson was liaison with 20th Century Fox also, supposedly being in charge of getting Marilyn to the set, as he promised them, he also did them a huge favour with her death. A 12 million payout from insurance from the death of their star Marilyn as the studio was going under with the weight of Cleopatra.

The Kennedy involvement was simply to cover tracks of personal liaisons. It also makes more sense to me, as per the Miner tapes, that it was Bobby who was infatuated with Marilyn, not the other way around. There was definitely a clean sweep of photographic evidence, phonecalls etc., after her death, but it was simply cleaning house re the association, not to cover up a murder, from the Kennedy quarter.

For many years I thought it was a suicide, and thought perhaps people just couldn't believe she would commit suicide, but now I think it was murder after digging through all the books and theories.


Posted by: Kevin Aug 12 2011, 02:26 PM



Posted by: Alanma Aug 12 2011, 04:54 PM

What date was that article, Pauline?

I always wondered why nobody was ever arrested and charged with compromising a possible crime scene.

Doubtless there will a shed load of books out next year all claiming to have the definitive answer.
You know the sort of thing: 'New evidence' - 'Startling new facts' - 'the truth at last' - 'now we can reveal' and so wearily on.

Posted by: jonas Aug 12 2011, 07:41 PM

QUOTE(Alanma @ Aug 12 2011, 04:54 PM) *
What date was that article, Pauline?

I always wondered why nobody was ever arrested and charged with compromising a possible crime scene.

Doubtless there will a shed load of books out next year all claiming to have the definitive answer.
You know the sort of thing: 'New evidence' - 'Startling new facts' - 'the truth at last' - 'now we can reveal' and so wearily on.

That's just it!! If this matter had been dealt with properly at the time, then the Jeanne Carmens,Robert Slatzers,etc, wouldn't have had an open path to making the money they did. They're dead but more like them will come along! In fact, a doc is scheduled to come out in 2012. And the person behind it is quite "prominent"! And then the discussion will be heated for another few months!
My opinion,for what it's worth, is to focus on the negligence of the LAPD at the time, plus what some of her neighbors had to say at the time- or better- a few years later. One neighbor said what he did on tape and nothing was done to find if his claims were legitimate or if he was shooting the bull! Nothing! There's the cover up right there. The fear to delve into the matter any further.
If Abe Landau were to go under oath and claim what he claimed in a documentary, the case could have been investigated further to see if there was something to his claims. Or to see if he was trying for 15 minutes of fame! But nothing was done!
Personally, I think he's being honest. Intuition! And his claim matches up quite well with the claims of another neighbor-across the street- and that of an ambulance having shown up at the house.

Posted by: nzmermaid Aug 13 2011, 12:13 AM

To me the $12 million dollar payout is something that just fell into place and I only heard for the first time yesterday, on SGTG77 on youtube, where those clips are posted you drew our attention to Jonas. Marilyn a Case for Murder, I watched parts 1-3 and the comments are on 1.

I made a comment and that person, whoever it is, replied with this:

And my own view is that Dr Greenson was with Fox in the plot to get the insurance payout so he did the job. Dr Greenson also phoned FOX before he called the police. that would have shown up in the phone records. Marilyn sign's her new fox 2 movie deal contract and then 3 days later she is dead. they got her signature.Also they may have got the insurance money on the second film

Dr Greeson also tried to divert attention onto the Kennedys by saying talk to Bobby Kennedy to a reporter when just seconds before he said he cant say anything about marilyn's death. so why would he then do a big name drop like that if not to divert attention away from him and the studio.

IMO, Motive is always the place to start. Its very true that as far as know, no Kennedy mistresses came to any harm. Also, as per the Miner tapes, which I think have at least some integrity (that sounds like Marilyn talking to me - I know she spoke of her self in third person, for example, and the way she expressed things), and Marilyn had far more nounce and integrity than to go "blowing the lid on the president" over a possibly broken heart, which I don't believe she had anyway. She knew how to play with the big boys, she didn't get to where she was without being savy. She said she wouldn't do anything like that about the President on those tapes.

Considering how much stress she likely had in her life, a kind of stress most of us don't even have to handle, the way people are both lovely and horrible to her on any given day, I think she handled herself very well. There are very few photos of her looking "under the weather" or unkempt. Mostly she is holding up her end of the movie star bargain amazingly well. She was something of a publicist genius for herself too.

Money, now there is a motive. Seems maybe her death saved 20th Century Fox. People at her death scene told others than phone calls to 20th Century Fox were the reason for the delay in reporting her death.

Like an aeroplane crash - more than one thing goes wrong to cause them. Several things collided around her death. But I give the Greenson story in the article some weight, as its the personal, emotional side of those relationships around her, everyone with those own stake in her. Then add the studio, who was doing a real number on her to the public over money and power, and Greenson running interference for them - and paid to do so. . . . this smacks of truth a lot of more than any mob connection story - I have never had any time for the mob stories, but that's just me.

That article was published in 1995 in Australia and New Zealand only. I am trying to contact the writer Brian Blackwell, he is on Facebook and he just sent me an email addy on there so I am about to correspond with him. I hope he is the same writer, but appears to be, as he is both a private investigator and writer. There appear to be no other professional writers on the net with that name.

It seems the information in the article was around 2 years old when it was published though, which might explain how Anthony Summers couldn't complete research on this (he had not heard of this article before and was quite interested when I contacted him. He said he may do another Marilyn book one day, but was working on a 9/11 book at the time). That's when I got interested in 9/11 and realized . . . but that's another story :-)

Summers thinks Eunice Murray was an immigrant without a green card and proper documentation, which is why she is hard to trace and it seems her death and place of death was not recorded as it should have been.

Posted by: Mezzo Aug 13 2011, 02:46 PM

QUOTE(nzmermaid @ Aug 12 2011, 06:13 PM) *
Its very true that as far as know, no Kennedy mistresses came to any harm.

Mary Eno Pinchot Meyer, two-year mistress of John F. Kennedy, was shot and killed along a towpath in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington D.C. during the fall of 1964. There is speculation relating her murder to Kennedy's presidency and assassination.

Mary Jo Kopechne was Ted Kennedy's mistress. Following his famed car accident at Chappaquiddick he walked away and let her suffocate inside his Oldsmobile.

Posted by: jonas Aug 13 2011, 09:05 PM

I've got a link here that can actually substantiate that claim,nzmermaid! But before that let me say that I'm tending towards the Fox studio angle also. At first I thought it far-fetched,but that Greenson call to the studio before calling the police...Weird! And neighbours claiming there were ambulances,police cars and even a limousine at the house,4 hours before Clemmons got there is even weirder! Not to say that FOX themselves "put" the substance or whatever into her body, but they certainly had something to gain from this.Actually, I believe that the cover up involved a lot of entities. Anyone can see that the "hush-hush" englobed the LAPD,the studios,Pat Newcomb...There's always a reason for "hush-hush"!!!

Back to the link, it's John Miner being interrogated by a panel of lawyers. His attitude is really strange. He appears on the show and then doesn't seem very interested in answering the questions put to him. One of the lawyers even insinuates that he's protecting Greenson. At a certain point you can hear the crowd react negatively. I just wonder why he even accepted the invitation to appear on the programme if he wasn't going to say anything! Here's the link and this appears at 8:16 of the clip. Maybe some people here have already seen it.

Posted by: Kevin Aug 14 2011, 08:39 AM


Posted by: nzmermaid Aug 14 2011, 08:49 AM

QUOTE(Mezzo @ Aug 13 2011, 05:46 AM) *
Mary Eno Pinchot Meyer, two-year mistress of John F. Kennedy, was shot and killed along a towpath in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington D.C. during the fall of 1964. There is speculation relating her murder to Kennedy's presidency and assassination.

Mary Jo Kopechne was Ted Kennedy's mistress. Following his famed car accident at Chappaquiddick he walked away and let her suffocate inside his Oldsmobile.

Well to be fair, these are not bad percentages, one a mistress of JFK and another his brother, only 2 deaths out of how many women? These are only standard stats per head of population compared to the number of bed partners JFK was supposed to have had, many documented too. blush.gif

Posted by: nzmermaid Aug 14 2011, 09:48 AM

To Jonas The probable suicide outcome rings all the bells. This is an unheard of "official" outcome, its neither murder, which would involve, who and why and nor is it suicide, which would void the Fox insurance money. This is the what everyone needed, who had something to gain, but not the finger pointed at them. I can't remember who it was that said it, but he had never come across a "probably suicide" conclusion before. A bit like all the autopsy samples being missing, another "it never happens".

On the video you pointed out John Miner is utterly evasive, avoiding carefully every scenario. Everyone got to have their cake and eat it too. Except Marilyn. She did very badly out of the deal, I feel she was used by Fox alright. Its such an obvious place to look for a motive, I can't believe it hasn't come up before much in the conspiracy theories. Fox proved their disregard for her at the time, I can't believe I never saw it before. I guess the name Kennedy and scandal was just too rich a pickings for the media. That red herring has been there all along.


Posted by: lorileime Aug 15 2011, 03:28 AM

If it is true that Fox got 12Mil for MM's death, and you do the calculations for the inflation rate of today's dollar, that is equivilent to $85.5 Million today. I have always maintained that Greenson was the killer and now knowing that that much money was involved, I am sure that she was murdered. Is there a way to look into Greenson's financial situation in the next ten years from 1963 to 1973 to see if he suddenly became very rich?

Posted by: nzmermaid Aug 15 2011, 10:10 AM

QUOTE(lorileime @ Aug 14 2011, 06:28 PM) *
If it is true that Fox got 12Mil for MM's death, and you do the calculations for the inflation rate of today's dollar, that is equivilent to $85.5 Million today. I have always maintained that Greenson was the killer and now knowing that that much money was involved, I am sure that she was murdered. Is there a way to look into Greenson's financial situation in the next ten years from 1963 to 1973 to see if he suddenly became very rich?

I will have to dig into the books but I read today that Arthur Jacobs is the Fox spin doctor who was on the scene very early, having been called from a concert at the Hollywood bowl, his widow said, as early as 10.30pm. Marilyn was still alive when he arrived, according to her. Arthur made stars sound interesting and he fed the hungry journalists whatever story he could get away with. He invented the suicide story, which was swallowed hook, line and sinker by the press. His widow said all this. After this Fox were very pleased with him and he got to direct many films after this, as his reward.

The book I picked up today "The Men Who Murdered Marilyn" said the payout was more like somewhere between $1m-$3m - so perhaps the $12m comes from an inflation to today's comparison? This book had everyone's theory in it - so crowded was the last 24 hour timeline that all the different theories could not be fitted in at all! its laughable. The writer really needed to lose some of the most dubious stories, but no, they are all crammed in there, some so ludicrous - boy she called everybody in her last few hours . . . really? huh.gif

The question I have now is : what is the connection between the Kennedys and 20th Century Fox? What's with Greenson and Bobby being in the same car that night? Did the Kennedy's approve of the Fox plan or is this more crazy stuff?

Posted by: Kevin Aug 15 2011, 07:55 PM


Posted by: jonas Aug 15 2011, 08:08 PM

Lorileime, I know that he had children who are still alive today but to check into their financial history there would have to be judicial reason for doing so in this case. In other words, the case would have to be reopened. But make no mistake about it, when he died in November of 1979, he died knowing exactly how she died-whether or not he himself was involved! And Murray, too! I mean,if Greenson,Kennedy or the Mafia had gone into the house she would have "sensed" them there.If they didn't, she'd have known that too.She was there the whole time! And the house isn't really that big. Oh, and that call Greenson had to make to the studio publicity department before notifying the police-for the second time! Poor Jack Clemmons!

Mermaid, Joe Kennedy made a great deal of money at the beginning of his career precisely in Hollywood.He was involved with the studios,so maybe that relationship maintained.And it seems that Greenson and Kennedy knew each other because they were both in the car that was stopped for speeding by Officer Lynn Franklin.

One thing that still confuses me-besides the two contradicting ambulance stories- is that infamous red diary. I've never seen that as being very important but Lionel Grandison,who worked at the coroner's at the time, claimed that he sent two men to Marilyn's home some days later to collect anything they could to find out who Marilyn's relatives might be. According to him, they brought back this book and the next day it was missing. Now,if Marilyn's home was being "searched" on the day she died, how could this book have escaped them? Then again, it did eventually disappear.
Anyway mermaid I sent you a PM, could you please say if you got it or not. My computer skills aren't all that good and I just hope I went about it in the right way.

Posted by: Ultraviolet Aug 23 2011, 09:14 PM

There's a food36.gif report on her and of things referring to the above, it's dated August 3rd, 1962 - next day she "committed suicide" - like so many others....

Marilyn's murder was not important, it was like a snack - Kennedy's killing was already on the wake and being prepared in the summer of -62

Posted by: nzmermaid Aug 24 2011, 12:35 AM

In Spoto's book, Bobby said he would "take care of things with 20th Century Fox" to do with her getting into trouble with the studio for doing the Kennedy Gala appearance. Apparently, he did have the power to sweet talk the studio, but in this case he did not do this for her it seems.

Posted by: a monroeist Jul 16 2012, 11:45 AM

I have always thought that it was a very strange murder, strange because without any motive, I have never believed in the theories of Kennedy/governmental agencies/mafia involvement

now, for the first time, this insurance theory seems to be a sort of a plausible theory, a substantial payout from insurance would suffice as a motive
everything, every strange detail of August the 4th, falls into place, very interesting

Posted by: a monroeist Jul 16 2012, 01:52 PM

QUOTE(nzmermaid @ Aug 15 2011, 11:10 AM) *
The book I picked up today "The Men Who Murdered Marilyn" said the payout was more like somewhere between $1m-$3m - so perhaps the $12m comes from an inflation to today's comparison? This book had everyone's theory in it

the "insurance payout" theory is based on research published in "Marilyn: The Last Take" by Brown & Barham, the research seems to be thorough and reliable, I haven't got it but when I had searched it through on google books I got result that just the SGTG production insurance sum by Continental Casualty Company amounted to $10 million

Posted by: meganmarilyn Jul 16 2012, 05:16 PM

The mob theory has a flaw. Eunice Murray was at the house. Why then wasn't she also killed? Why would the mob kill MM and let the housekeeper live, when she was a witness? If there intention was to silence her with threats, no guarantee she would do that. All they had to do was kidnap and dispose her.

I believe MM was feed the enima by Dr Greenson with the aide of Bobby Kennedy's handlers (maybe Lawford was involved too).

As for the diary the mob found under her matress, well a coroner stated in a video interview he read a page or so of the diary at the morgue (brought in with other MM personals). And soon after it disappeared.

Posted by: a monroeist Jul 16 2012, 08:44 PM

yes, the mob theory is not plausible, for many reasons, neither is the Kennedy theory IMHO

on the contrary, the 20th Century Fox theory is convincing and it makes everything fall into place

Posted by: Mark7 Dec 17 2013, 11:12 PM

In My view Marilyn was murdered by Dr Greenson with Eunice Murray giving Marilyn the fatal enema with that massive amount of drugs in it. I think how Donald Spoto said it happened in his book is the most probable way Marilyn was killed but i don't agree with him saying it was an accident. I believe dr Greenson overdosed Marilyn with Murray giving Marilyn an enema Maybe somewhere else in the house then after the murder was done moved her body back in bed and put her in that fake position face down arms at her side. I think they overdosed Marilyn so fox could claim the 13 million dollar insurance( 3 or 4 million life insurance on Marilyn and 9 or 10 million production insurance on SGTG) This money would have saved Fox from going bankrupt from Cleopatra debts coming in and we all know Fox was heading towards bankruptcy at the time of Marilyn's death. 13 million was a massive amount of money in 1962 and they needed fast cash! so after all my years of being a Marilyn fan and reading up on Marilyn's death etc i believe Marilyn was murdered as part of an insurance scam to save Fox from going bankrupt at the time.

We have to remember that Marilyn signed to a 2 movie deal worth 1 million(she thought) on Wed August 1st and she was murdered on the night of august 4th, 3 days later! they got Marilyn's signature on the contract for the insurance purposes then i would say the word was given for Dr Greenson to do the evil act with Murray at the first chance so they would not have to start bring the production back together for the SGTG . Marilyn was happy on the weekend she died(phoning friends etc) thinking she had just signed that contract and that Fox had dropped the court case against her( I think the biggest reason Marilyn was happy that weekend)

I think if you believe Marilyn was murdered like i do the biggest motive i can see is insurance money to stop Fox going bankrupt. I think it actually jumps out and slaps you in the face.

I think Greeson telling the police that he had to wait for Fox go ahead to phone the police as an excuse for the 4 hour delay was putting Fox in the s**t with him as his own insurance for them to keep up to there end and cover it up in the press and in other ways etc! like saying to Fox if i go down for murder so will you! Greenson was on the fox payroll as he was taking orders from Fox with that statement about needing permission from Fox before he could call the police as well. though he would have known that his phone calls during those 4 hours would be on Marilyn's phone records.

Posted by: Margherita Dec 18 2013, 04:16 PM

The Marilyn Monroe CIA memo

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