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Everlasting Star Community _ Guidelines and FAQs _ How To Upload/attach Images In Your Posts

Posted by: mels Jul 4 2004, 12:51 PM

Here's how you can upload a picture and display it IN your message instead of at the end.

First, upload the attachment. When it's uploaded, you will see a line with the name of the image, followed by two buttons : "remove" and "add into post".

If you click on "add into post", you will see a new little "tag" appear where you type your message. See here for example, I have uploaded a picture called "Photo 002.jpg". If I don't click on "add into a post", it will display the way it used to do, at the end of your post.
If you want to add comments to this pic, simply click on "add into post". I just did this with the picture called "Photo 002.jpg" and now I can see [ attachmentid=68 ] (without spaces between the brackets) in my post. When I submit it, it will display the image IN my post: i can add comments right before or after the [ attachmentid=101782:vladstud..._320x480.jpg ] mention.

Like here :

Comments about my picture :this is my current iPhone wallpaper.

And I can keep posting my message here, and post as many other pics as I want smile1.gif

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