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Everlasting Star Community _ General Discussion _ Youth Claims Marilyn Monroe His Mother

Posted by: Joan Newman Dec 24 2019, 05:09 AM

Why would Winchell write this while Joe was still alive ? I wonder if Joe D read it ?

A Hollywood agent (deceased) was in love with Marilyn and when the boy was bornā€”
the actress was persuaded to give him up . . . Her career would be hindered, etc.

THE FATHER died shortly after. In 1961, Marilyn retained private detectives . . .
She told them that the only condition she exacted from the adoption agency was
that her son keep her real last name Mortenson.
His first two names are initials J.K. . . .The middle name is the name of the people who adopted him.
He was not told Marilyn Monroe was his mother. Not until Aug 5, 1962.


Posted by: Stacy Dec 24 2019, 11:47 PM


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