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Everlasting Star Community _ Announcements _ Closing Of The "rare Pictures" Threads

Posted by: mels Dec 19 2013, 11:17 PM

Dear Marilyn admirers,

A few weeks ago, we decided to close the « Rare Pictures » threads, for several reasons, which I believe were

Please keep in mind that what makes this community what it is, is both the quality of the contents and the friendly atmosphere. This is why I created the community in the first place, and this is what we want it to be now and how we want it to be in the future.

We couldn’t help but notice a constant and disturbing decrease of the quality of the « Rare pictures » thread - which used to be one of our top features - because of more and more dubious contributions in the thread despite several warnings coming from the staff and even fellow members.
This can only result in the loss of relevance of the whole community, and we definitely do not want that.

Despite the warnings some members continued to flood the thread with absolutely no consideration for our warnings and explanations, and with no sense of respect towards either the staff of fellow members. That’s quite the opposite of the friendly community we want to create, maintain and develop, and we do not want that either.

Finally, because the notion of « Rare » is also very subjective, we relied a lot on the common sense of all contributors when they decide to share something that is rare to them. Sadly, we came to realize that this not viable solution for all the reasons mentioned above, and agreed on the fact that the only way to definitely put an end to this harmful trend was to close the threads once and for all.

You are now welcome to post your (rare and not rare) pictures in the ", where all pictures are carefully categorized on tangible characteristics :-)
Please do check before posting in the thread that what you are about to share has not be posted before in the same thread! There is absolutely no point in having duplicates everywhere. Again, this is NOT the purpose of this community.

Thanks for reading,


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