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Boards rules & guidelines
Dear members,

While most members of ES are using the board properly, there has been some incidents of abuse or misuse of these boards, on the part of a a very few members and therefore I would like to reiterate some rules and guidelines.... Most of you are already familiar with them but the point of this message is for newbies to get aware of them AND for everyone to have a thread to refer to when they hesitate about posting / editing / deleting something (the last two actions are exclusively for moderators and administrators).

Members failing to abide by the following guidelines will be prohibited from posting to the Forum.

1. Members will refrain from spamming (with either multiple posts or ads), trolling or flaming. Please try to avoid nasty arguments that can lead to personal issues at all cost.

2. Members will refrain from bashing or badmouthing the following: other board members, other forums, other sites, non board members and any celebrities. Such posts will be removed or locked.

3. Members will not post any form of abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening or sexually-orientated material.

4. Members will not use this board for the promotion of items of a financial nature such as merchandise for sale, fund-raisers and/or pyramid schemes unless the board administrators will approve the above. The same goes for chain letters and such similar items. If you are not sure about this, please contact the administrators at to find out.

5. Please note that even though we try to follow as many of the threads as possible in these boards, it is impossible for us to track down everything, therefore we would like to state that all the posts in these boards represent the personal opinions of the authors, and do not represent the views and opinions of this board's administrators, moderators or webmasters (unless the posts were made by them). Having said that, we will try our best to remove posts that will not abide by this board's guidelines.

6. If you want to display images in your posts or signatures, please make sure the aforementionned images are uploaded on this server, using the attachment feature. This will ensure that the picture is resized to a reasonable size and will work for everyone, regardless of their bandwith or their computer. Moreover, this will prevent images from being broken in the future (picture deletion, URL change, etc on the other sites).
This rule doesn't concern off topic chats ("Off Topic" and "New members" forums), where the attachement feature has been disabled, and where you are welcome to use external picture hosting.

7. We reserve the right to edit/delete any post or signature with broken images or too long signature files.

8. Please refrain from posting in capital letters, this is considering as yelling on the Internet. We try to edit all the threads containing such posts but the boards are getting bigger and bigger and this is getting out of hand... Also, any thread bumping post will be deleted without notice.

9. The artwork shared in the "artwork" forums are the exclusive property of their respective authors. You can download them and use them on your own computer but cannot redistribute them on your website, a CD or on whatever digital or paper support without the prior agreement of their respective author. It is strictly forbidden to change the copyright mentions on them, as well as any information about the author (signature, site URL, etc.).

10. These boards are exclusively dedicated to Marilyn Monroe. If you want to chat about something else, you can post in the "off topic" forum but NOT in the general boards. All off topic messages posted elsewhere then on the OT chatter will be either moved to OT or simply deleted with no further notice or warning to the members.
Also, religion and politics are private matters, and we ask all our members to keep them that way. Your personal convictions regarding your personal beliefs must be kept personal, no discussion regarding them is allowed here, even in the Off Topic chatter. We reserve the right to close or delete threads, signatures, etc. that refer to any of these subjects.

11. We reserve the right to ban anyone not following the aforementionned rules without further notice and to post an announcement stating so. Any ban from the boards will also result in a ban on the whole server : you won't be able to access the site anymore. At all.

12. Needless to say, all your posts must respect the netiquette (no typing in caps, respect of each other's opinions etc.). If you are still not familiar with the netiquette (shame on you, it's the first thing to do whenever you get online for the first time!), read it here.

If you need further information, please contact a member of our staff, preferably the mods of the forums that are giving you problems, or the admins ( and for more general matters.

Personal avatars

If you want a personal Marilyn avatar linked to your profile, you first need to know that all avatars must feature Marilyn and respect these measurements: 100x100 pixels. Only active members (50+ posts) will be able to upload their avatars by themselves. Other members have to request the upload in the avatar thread.

You can either make the avatar yourself or ask someone here to make one for you. To do so, head over to the avatars thread and post the pic you want to use along with the name you want written on your avatar. Someone will help you out and make an avatar for you ASAP biggrin.gif

Thank you for reading the whole post. Please keep all the rules in mind. They are very simple and easy to apply. Because there are more and more members here everyday and more and more posts, our moderators can't monitor everything. Therefore, If you feel a post needs to be edited, moved or deleted you can help us out by using the "report" button that appears on the incriminated posts : it will send us a notice and we will be able to act ASAP.

The ES Staff.
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