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> The Marilyn Monroe Story, 1955
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post Feb 27 2005, 01:14 AM
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Everlasting Star

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From: Netherlands
Real Name: Suusmarie

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I posted this on the old boards originally but I thought with so many new members and all I would do it again (IMG: , so here we go (IMG:

(IMG: Suus
Attached File(s)
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.01.jpg ( 52.08K )Number of downloads: 81
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.02.jpg ( 105.19K )Number of downloads: 82
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.03.jpg ( 120.94K )Number of downloads: 77
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.04.jpg ( 113.53K )Number of downloads: 63
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.05.jpg ( 132.97K )Number of downloads: 69
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.06.jpg ( 123.17K )Number of downloads: 70
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.07.jpg ( 112.52K )Number of downloads: 62
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.08.jpg ( 121.14K )Number of downloads: 68
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.09.jpg ( 99.27K )Number of downloads: 64
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.10.jpg ( 119.52K )Number of downloads: 67
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.11.jpg ( 69.9K )Number of downloads: 61
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.12.jpg ( 128.69K )Number of downloads: 68
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.13.jpg ( 103.62K )Number of downloads: 64
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.14.jpg ( 115.58K )Number of downloads: 52
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.15.jpg ( 82.56K )Number of downloads: 55
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.16.jpg ( 105.47K )Number of downloads: 62
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.17.jpg ( 86.79K )Number of downloads: 52
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.18.jpg ( 80.04K )Number of downloads: 65
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.19.jpg ( 92.78K )Number of downloads: 53
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.20.jpg ( 115.72K )Number of downloads: 70
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.21.jpg ( 115.21K )Number of downloads: 57
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.22.jpg ( 115.01K )Number of downloads: 58
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.23.jpg ( 105.7K )Number of downloads: 53
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.24.jpg ( 108.62K )Number of downloads: 49
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.25.jpg ( 113.13K )Number of downloads: 60
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.26.jpg ( 109.99K )Number of downloads: 71
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.27.jpg ( 130.12K )Number of downloads: 59
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.28.jpg ( 106.86K )Number of downloads: 62
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.29.jpg ( 106.85K )Number of downloads: 71
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.30.jpg ( 116.55K )Number of downloads: 63
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.31.jpg ( 90.76K )Number of downloads: 62
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.32.jpg ( 87.61K )Number of downloads: 60
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.33.jpg ( 97.88K )Number of downloads: 61
Attached File mm.Magazine.MM_Story1955.34.jpg ( 44.18K )Number of downloads: 67
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post Feb 27 2005, 03:49 AM
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From: Land down under - Australia "0)

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big cyber hug
thanks for re-posting

jilly (IMG: Attached File _cid_FBA2DBC4_783E_11D9_8D45_444553540000.gif ( 11.37K )Number of downloads: 12
Attached File ANKS_MM04_BrookeKroegerDesigns_vi.gif ( 11.38K )Number of downloads: 13
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post Feb 27 2005, 04:14 AM
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1926 - 1962

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From: Toronto, Canada
Real Name: Frances Anne

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You own these wonderful magazines you're posting? Gee, you're luck!
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post Feb 27 2005, 11:41 AM
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Real Name: ann marry

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Suss thanks a lot....... you are great !!!!
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post Feb 27 2005, 04:27 PM
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Everlasting Star

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From: Belgium
Real Name: nathalie

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Thanks a lot, I had never seen it.
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post Jun 30 2005, 04:22 PM
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Dearest Poo...

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From: Las Vegas, Nevada USA
Real Name: Stacy

Joined: 9-March 03

Thanks again for posting this magazine. It is such a great magazine and you are lucky to own it. And we are lucky that you would share it with us.
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Zelda Zonk
post Jun 30 2005, 06:26 PM
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La vie en rose

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From: Canada
Real Name: Alessia

Joined: 15-August 04

I haven't yet read everything you posted, but thank you VERY much! (IMG: It's very generous for you to scan all of this and share it with us. (IMG:
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post Jun 30 2005, 06:41 PM
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Glittering Mist

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From: England

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post Jul 4 2005, 10:11 PM
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I´ll follow her... always

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From: Canary Islands, Spain
Real Name: Jeannette

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YES, YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!!! (IMG:
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post Jul 4 2005, 10:43 PM
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From: England

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thanks so much (IMG:
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