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> Dixie Evans About Marilyn
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post Sep 5 2006, 07:33 PM
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The blonde

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I agree, she does look alot like Marilyn, and she seems sweet. She's fiesty for an older lady! lol (IMG: I think it's so sad that people thought she was insulting Marilyn's memory after her death, and that she went on to troubled times and i do agree thats how i'd think MM might look if she were still alive. (IMG: (IMG:

Love Carrie

p.s. Ellen i like that song too!! thanx for posting lyrics (IMG: (IMG:
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post Sep 6 2006, 02:10 AM
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team marilyn

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brandonheidrick, wow that second pic really really really resembles Marilyn! (IMG:

Here's a color pic of Dixie
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Joan Newman
post May 25 2013, 10:37 PM
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Older post but I just bumped into this story about Dixie.

Yet another of Joe’s ‘Marilyn’s’ was Dixie Evans who had a reputation as ‘The Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque’ Her act was a casting couch skit. Dixie was the actress; she took her clothes off and got the part!

During the late 50’s Dixie was working Miami Beach, at the Place Pigalle. An aeroplane would fly over the beach hotels towing a banner that read “see the Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque, Place Pigalle” It would always fly past the Fontainebleau where all the celebs of the day stayed, those that went to see Dixie included Sinatra, Bogart, Walter Cronkite and Chris Schenkel who suggested that she should come to the Kentucky Derby. He announced her coming in “Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s Marilyn Monroe! Oh, my mistake, it’s Dixie Evans! She’ll be playing at the Post and Paddock this evening” They all loved her act which involved Joe and his bat!

One night at the Pigalle the owner came over to Dixie’s table and told her Joe DiMaggio was in attendance, and wanted to talk to her. Dixie said Joe was a gentleman and suddenly as she sat there – she realised she would be performing in front of him and was worried about what Joe would make of her skit and confessed to him that she was concerned, to which he replied “why do you think I came here?” with this Dixie got up and did her thing, which was:

3She entered in a tight satin gown, a long scarf, and a Yankee cap, with a number 5 on it – and crying, boo-hooing, which mood she explained in song:

“Joe, you walked off and left me flat – but I’m sure glad you left your bat…”

There were a few lines about baseball and spaghetti, and how he’d stopped in the middle of making love to say “what’s the score?”…

“But I know…

You’ll still return my calls

Why? It’s simple – I’ve still got you

By your New Yankee base – (badaboomcha strike up the band)…

Afterwards, when she came out from her dressing room, Joe stood up and motioned her over. She sat with him all night. He didn’t say much, he never mentioned the act, or talked about Marilyn. But he kept sneaking glances at Dixie, checking her out and he stayed until she’d done her last set at 4.45am then invited her to breakfast.

However, their relationship never got off of the ground and didn’t go past kissing. They apparently arranged a further date but unfortunately, Dixie was due in court for some misdemeanor that she had forgotten about and was unable to let Joe know and she never saw him again.

This books speaks very nicely of Dixie's feelings for Marilyn:

Bombshells: Glamour Girls of a Lifetime
By Steve Sullivan

There is a touching anecdote from Dixie Evans, who so resembled Marilyn Monroe. This speaks volumes about both women. After one of Marilyn’s miscarriages, Dixie, extremely upset, sent Marilyn an emotional telegram. Two weeks later Dixie received a response: “My dear Dixie Evans, of my many friends and acquaintances throughout the world, your telegram was of the greatest comfort to me at this time. Marilyn Monroe Miller.” (When Monroe died, Dixie became hysterical, “I was crying not only because my career was over, but because Marilyn was no longer in the world.”)

I would love to see this letter from Marilyn to Dixie.
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post Jun 19 2013, 09:34 PM
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Super admirer

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Wow! what a story... thanks for posting this, Nettie. So Joe was missing Marilyn and was kissing Dixie?

I'd love to see that letter from Marilyn too! I'd love to have that bombshells magazine too.
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post Aug 6 2013, 09:14 PM
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Glittering Mist

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Dixie has passed away, aged 86:

Dixie Evans, the dancer known as “the Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque”, who has died aged 86, thrilled post-war America with her scantily-clad impression of the film star; in later life she ran a museum of exotic dancing in the Mojave Desert.

6:44PM BST 06 Aug 2013

Dixie Evans had no outstanding talent as a dancer or singer. But this did not discourage Harold Minsky, adopted son of the American burlesque impresario Abraham Minksy, who spotted her at a Minsky’s club in New Jersey in 1952 . “They’ll recognise the big name,” he told her, “and we’ll put the 'of Burlesque’ in small letters.”

Soon, Dixie Evans became a Marilyn Monroe devotee. Every film release saw her first in the queue, seeking inspiration for her next big number. She draped herself over a producer’s chair wearing only a G-string as the band played You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby; waltzed across the stage with a dummy of Laurence Olivier in tribute to The Prince and the Showgirl (1957); and sang You Made Me Love You to a photograph of Elvis Presley. In 1958 Marilyn Monroe threatened her with a lawsuit, but the dispute was resolved without going to court after Dixie agreed to restructure her act.

By that time Dixie Evans was a bona fide star of the burlesque circuit, with headline billing wherever she went. Frank Sinatra attended one of her shows and became an admirer. In the wake of his divorce from the real Marilyn, Joe DiMaggio asked to see Dixie, and she gave him a private performance of the number that satirised the pair’s relationship. “Why shouldn’t I cry,” ran the lyrics. “Joe, you walked out and left me flat/ So now you’re gone and I’m all alone/ Thank heavens you left your bat.”

She was born Mary Lee Evans in Long Beach, California, on August 26 1926, and her family background was one of some standing. Her mother Annie (née Wrennette Le Grand) was a descendant of Robert Morris, a signatory of the American Declaration of Independence; her father, Roy, worked in the oil industry. He died in an accident when Mary was 11, and she began working in her teenage years to support the family, taking jobs at a hospital and an Army base .

After leaving school at 16 she enrolled in dance lessons and joined chorus lines in performing tours , ending up in San Francisco with no money to get home . There she discovered the burlesque nightclub scene, and the financial incentives it presented: wages for striptease dancers were four times her own.

After several shows in California she moved to Newark, where Harold Minsky had just converted a downtown concert hall into a burlesque theatre. For more than a decade she made her base at Place Pigalle in Miami Beach, appearing in nightly shows there for six years. A plane towed a banner emblazoned with her headline across the beach four times a day.

In 1962, however, Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her home, and Dixie Evans’s prospects seemed to crumble. Depressed and disillusioned, she made an unsuccessful attempt to restyle herself “The Sensational Dixie Evans” before moving to Bimini in the Bahamas, where a friend found her a job in a hotel. When that ran its course she returned to California and became a nurse’s aide.

All this time she had kept in touch with several women from her performing days, who gathered for an annual reunion at a remote desert ranch in Helendale, California. These reunions were organised by Jennie Lee (née Virginia Lee Hicks) who had made her name as “The Bazoom Girl” for her skill in twirling the tassels attached to her pasties — patches to cover a dancer’s nipples — at high speed; she was also an avid collector of burlesque memorabilia, most of which furnished her nightclub, the Sassy Lassie.

Following Jennie’s death from cancer in 1990, Dixie decided that the responsibility now fell on her to “keep burlesque alive”. She moved into the ranch and began assembling displays of pasties, G-strings, costumes and posters. There was a decorative urn containing the ashes of the burlesque performer Sherry Champagne, and a Strippers Hall of Fame. The collection became Exotic World, billed as “the only Burlesque Historical Society in the world”.

In order to fund the project, Dixie Evans launched the Miss Exotic World Pageant, inviting female performers aged 18 to 92 to compete for the title. Originally based in the grounds of the Exotic World Museum, in 2006 both the competition and the bulk of the collection transferred to Las Vegas. Dixie Evans continued to live in Helendale until she suffered a stroke earlier this year, when she moved into residential care.

Hailed by her admirers as the “godmother” of burlesque, she was scathing about modern strip routines. She had little regard for lap-dancers who “just take their clothes off. That has no purpose. It has to be done with rhyme and reason.” Nor would she entertain criticism of her profession from outsiders, saying: “I would never want to have their boring job anyway.”

Dixie Evans married, in 1963, Harry Braelow, a prizefighter. The marriage was dissolved.

Dixie Evans, born August 26 1926, died August 3 2013
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