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.who is behind Everlasting Star ?

Hi, my name is Mélanie (or Mels), I'm a 23 years old French Marilyn admirer. Though none of my parents are Marilyn fans, I've always known her because of reruns of her movies on TV, tributes from well known stars of my generation (I'm mostly thinking of Madonna), and art (photography by Milton Greene for example, or Andy Wharhol's famous coloured portraits).

Therefore, for the most part of my life, she has been this very sexy, funny and sweet actress I immediatly came to adore. Things have slowly changed since then, starting from the day last year when I bought and read in two days my first Marilyn biography, which was "a bit" biasied towards her death, Don Wolfe's "The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe". I quickly realized how much there was behind this woman : first - though it might seem evident to all of you - more than the actress, the woman or maybe should I even say the little girl in her fascinated me. Second, the historical, political and sociological contexts in which she lived are - my opinion - one of the most fascinating in the U.S.A history. And third, her courage and her determination in this world have come to fascinate me.
There are many other reasons for me to love, admire, and mourn her, but these are the most obvious ones.

.why yet another Marilyn Monroe site ?

Marilyn in New York, 1955 As far as I remember, I've always wanted to create a Marilyn Monroe site. But I was busy with my X-Files site, my studies and then my work and well, yes... life ! I started to look out for nice Marilyn communities on the web in 2002 and came across a wonderful group of fans on a message board. We were all like a family there, but sadly the webmaster of the site decided to close the boards. I needed to put this community back up, so well... I just did it.

This would never have been possible without the help of an incredible and generous friend I've come to know in the X-Files community, ie GertieBeth and her wonderful hosting network, WebGlitter. She kindly and immediatly accepted to host this site, and I guess I'll have a debt over her forever ;) Thank you Gerts !

So... Back in history... The main goal was to put up the message boards, but I guess it was also for me the occasion to follow with a real site content. Of course with the usual information (biography, etc...) but also with original content. First off, I'm in love with Digital Art (I'm one of the two admins over at Creative) and love doing video clips, collages, etc... and this is of course also true with Marilyn items. Second, as mentionned before, the American political context in which Marilyn lived (Cold War, Mafia, Kennedys...) really fascinates me, so I decided to make a bit of research about that, including Marilyn and putting her back in context.
Finally, if you're also a Marilyn fan, you probably have tons of books, magazines and even maybe hundreds (thousands ? I have yet to count) of pictures of her sitting on your computer's hard drive. Have you ever wondered what all these photographers remember about Marilyn ? Well I did... So again I did some research among my books, my videos, DVDs, and even over the web to gather some of their testimonies... This pretty much sums up my reasons for starting this site.

.why did you choose this oh-so-famous pic to illustrate the site ?

Well. Tough question. What I love the most in Marilyn is the woman in her, her latent melancholy, not the spangle and strass most of people only see. So the logic would be to put up one of Milton's pics from the Black Sitting for example. But I didn't.

Instead I chose this very well known picture of Marilyn in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes". There are many reasons for this, some artistic, other personnal. As far as I'm concerned, GPB was the first Marilyn movie I ever saw in my life. As far as I remember I knew the lyrics by heart even when I was a kid (yep I used to speak English fluently). It is still one of my favourite Marilyn movies. Her acting in there is genius. Lorelei can be so funny, sad, sexy and pretend she is stupid. And she lives for diamonds, money. All the contrary of what Marilyn was. She always said fame wasn't important, she just wanted to be loved. I chose that pic because it reflects that : the public image of Marilyn versus Norma Jeane (whom this site is mainly about).

Image versus text. Image versus content and analysis. Exactly what happened in real life : people misunderstood her and misjudged her, based on appearance... Got it ? :)